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About Us

We endeavour to present you with fascinating vignettes about the myriad facets of India, with a sharp focus on travel. We understand that travelling is essential part of everyone’s life. Any person, at a point of time has to get out of his/her gruelling schedule and simply need to stop, relax and unwind. Indfy will help you experience India of yesterday, today and tomorrow with a broader and clearer perspective, by arming you with the requisite information and insights about India, and helping you in clearing the cobwebs of ambiguity and popular misconceptions.

Indfy has a dedicated team of travel professionals out to bring you the essence of India in a virtual platform, which we believe can help you to better understand and enjoy real India, which is far removed from the mythical land of saints and snake charmers. We have accumulated extensive knowledge of the product as well as have inborn passion for traveling. We’ve spent fifteen years searching the Indian sub-continent to find those exclusive places in our favourite destinations and we know when it’s worth paying extra for the suite, or if the lovely boutique hotel is the actual place to stay rather than its famous neighbour down the road.

We understand that travel isn’t all about staying at Luxury hotels (although they certainly help for those looking for a greater comfort) at all times, but is also about time, space, privacy and those special moments that turn your holiday into a truly magical experience. Whether it’s having your own private dinner under a tree at a quiet location or gazing at the night sky staying in private tented accommodation in Thar Desert, travel has many guises.


Indfy takes pride in the fact that we are small enough to pay attention to detail and large enough to achieve some of the most competitive rates with all our suppliers. Above all, no compromise is made – if you demand the highest calibre of service, knowledge, attention and courtesy….'We' deliver…. 

Last Updated On: 2015/10/06