Andhra Pradesh: Where Yesterday Greets Tomorrow

Andhra Pradesh is a state steeped in historic and cultural legacies, but at the same time marching towards its promised tomorrows. Located in the southern part of India, it is spread across an area of 2,75,000 sq km. The geography of Andhra Pradesh shares its borders with Tamil Nadu in the south, Karnataka in the west, Maharashtra in the north and north-west, and Madhya Pradesh and Orissa in the north-east. The eastern part of the state is rinsed by the Bay of Bengal.

The history of Andhra Pradesh dates back to prehistoric Paleolithic settlements, but its recorded history can be traced back to the sixth century BC. Over the years, the land had been subjected to varied regimes and cultural influences. The state's rich and divergent history has shaped the pluralistic culture of Andhra Pradesh, where tradition not only co-exists with modernity, but facilitates the latter's progress. Therefore, the distinction of being Cyberabad sits quite elegantly on its capital Hyderabad's ancient shoulders, where Charminar and Golconda Fort dominates the landscape with sleek offices of various IT conglomerates.

The cuisines of Andhra Pradesh, led by the world-renowned Hyderabadi biryani, may initiate you to a wonderful taste of Andhra Pradesh, but soon your gastronomic journey can become inward, and not simply in literal sense. Before knowing, you will be found exploring the various facets of this wonderful state, and realize that tourism in Andhra Pradesh, coloured by its exotic beaches, somber hill stations, religious fervour, and architectural heritage, is really a fascinating journey, which seldom ends…

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04