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Vijaywada is a beautiful pilgrimage center located on the riverbed of the divine river Krishna. The place is situated in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The place flocks with religious tourists at the time of Mahashivarathri. This festival is celebrated all over the country to venerate Lord Shiva. The place is also famous for the festival called Krishna Pushkaram, celebrated every 12 years. Numerous people visit the city at the time to revere the holy Krishnaveni.

The barrage called Prakasam is a 1223m remarkable structure built crossways on the Krishna river. The barrage, erected in the year 1957, adds to the overwhelming beauty of Vijaywada. The Kanakadurga Shrine is an enchanting temple worth visiting in the city. The temple has been erected on the top of Indra Keeladri. The deity in the temple is said to bestow richness and power at the place. You can also visit the caves of Madhanna and Akkanna while heading to the temple. These elegant caves are beautifully made of rock cuts. The Victoria Museum is located near Vijaywada. The museum consists of a vast collection of ancient paintings, manuscripts and sculptures as well. The prehistoric images kept in the museum are the major attractions for the tourists.

The 15.8 meters Gandhi Stupa, located on the Gandhi Hill, adds to the popularity of the city. The Stupa pays homage to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The hill also contains a planetarium, birds' eye view point, and a grand library. You can also have the delight of watching light and sound shows at the place, featuring the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The beautiful Bhavani Island lies in close proximity with the Prakasam Barrage. The island glitters at the time of Dusshehara due to Tephostsavam.

The Andapalli Bastion is a remarkable edifice in Vijaywada. The fort was constructed in the 7th century. The fort consists of imposing three storied looms on the hill. Just 16 km from Vijaywada, lies the Kondapalli hill. The fort was ruled by numerous dynasties during the ancient times. The citadel was also used as a military training school in the British era. The place has been a great hangout, which could make your holiday delightful.

The place is known for its Kondapalli toys. The toys are prepared with Poniki, which is a type of light wood. The toys are generally in the shape of fruits, Indian chronological numerals, birds, houses and even vegetables. The toys are loved by children as well as adults. The Rajeev Gandhi Park, Malleswaraswami shrine, Hazratbal mosque and Vijayeswara shrine are also worth visiting in the enticing city of Vijaywada.



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