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Trendily called as Vizag, Visakapatanam is an industrial city located in the east coast of India, in the south zone of Andhra Pradesh. The place is a favorite destination among the foreign tourists. The place has one of the largest ship building yards of the country. Vizag is also famous for its oil refineries.

The best places to visit in Vizag are its enthralling beaches. The tantalizing beaches offer great places to revitalize and calm your stressed out nerves. Far from the clamor and buzz of the metropolis, the sparkling beaches are the major attraction of the tourists in Visakapatanam. The Lawson's Bay and Ramakrishna are the two most captivating beaches in Vizag. These majestic beaches are also famous for their thriving water sport activities.

The Vizag port is also the well known place worth visiting. The marvelous Ship Building yard of Visakapatanam is located at Gandhidham and magnetizes the tourists in large numbers. The cargo ships, naval liners and boats to carry passengers are all built at this place. The Kailasagiri park located in the pictorial Kailasa hill rambles over a vast region of 50 acres. The place offers gorgeous vista of the blue ocean having a back drop of an emerald green surroundings.

The Dolphin's Nose is the bizarre attraction on Vizag beach. The place displays an enormous rock akin to the figure of a Dolphin. The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park and the VUDA Park are also worth visiting in Vizag. Visakapatanam also offer some of the thrilling excursion sites to the tourists. Mudasarlova, 10 km from Vizag is a beautiful valley enclosed in the hills. The place offers a great holiday to the tourists. Simhacharam is an enticing holy place, just 16 km from Vizag. Sri Varaha Lakshminarasimha Shrine residing at the place is one of the most revered temples of Andhra Pradesh.

Appikonda, located 18 km from Vizag is a beautiful Shiva shrine. A colossal bull, engraved with black stone at the place, is a major attraction for the tourists. The shrine still holds a 12th century caption in it. The place now also serves as the nucleus of industries in Visakapatanam.

Being the major industrial center in India, the city is easily accessible from almost all parts of the world. Every day flights from Vizag to Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai are made available by the Indian Airlines. Numerous private airlines also offer easy connectivity of Visakapatanam with other Indian cities. Vizag lies on the Secunderabad-Howrah and Chennai-Howrah railway road and therefore is the stopover of all the major trains of south. The place also offers smooth and sturdy roads offering a comfortable travel. The city offers luxury as well as budget accommodations to its tourists.

With all these comforts and fabulous destinations offered by Visakapatanam, the place is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/04