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Sue Ryder Care Centre for the Study of Supportive The increased number of patients living with chronic and terminal illness intensifies the need to provide excellent supportive and palliative care, primarily for older people and often for extended periods of time prior to, as well as throughout, the final stages of illness. The Sue Ryder Care Centre (SRCC) is partly supported by a generous philanthropic donation from a private Trust. The Centre, led by Professors Jane Seymour, Bridget Johnston and Karen Cox, has a special collaborative relationship with the charity Sue Ryder, and is pleased to be able to share the name of this key provider of palliative and neurological care. The SRCC aims to carry out research which will lead to greater understanding of patient experience of chronic, debilitating and life threatening illness and improvement in professional delivery of healthcare. The research focus of the group reaches beyond cancer into traditionally under researched areas eg. older people, stroke and dementia

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