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difficult discussions. I learned a lot from watching the way he listened to us. He often had a view, but he would take on board the directors’ comments. Sometimes, notwithstanding his own reservations, we took a decision which he was not entirely comfortable with. I think that the interaction on the board was better because of that. Useem: Mercy, let me come back to you on this issue. In learning to lead, we learn from great leaders. But sometimes we learn more from people who are not great leaders. Having worked with such a boss, we swear that whatever the person did we are going to do the opposite. That is a way of saying life is always a classroom. Have you learned something about leading a boardroom from a negative example? Mercy: I was CEO of a company with two dominant shareholders of equal weight. Both were public listed corporations. They were represented on the board by their most senior executives. Those first few meetings were probably the most difficult situations I ever had to navigate. There were

Honored by the Triangle Business Journal Sept. WebSourced has received this distinction two years in a row. "WebSourced has seen significant growth over the past year and being named one of the best places to work is a tremendous honor. Our staff is comprised of talented, hard working professionals and WebSourced prides itself on creating a work environment that allows our employees to succeed and flourish," said Pat Martin, WebSourced CEO and president. WebSourced, the world largest search engine optimization company, helps clients design a well rounded online
marketing presence that will generate new business and continue to keep revenues high. The company works with clients to increase their web presence and rank on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN; build new websites that leverage online sales technology; and design improved infrastructure for order fulfillment and financial transactions. WebSourced roster of 1,300 plus clients includes market leaders such as
Lowe Home Improvement, NBC, Alaska Airlines, LasikPlus, Peopleclick and Experian.
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