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New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

New Delhi Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. It is also known as the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). This Indian airport is not only connected to the different cities of the countries but also to nations across the globe and is the vital link to the entire country. The city of New Delhi is also satisfactorily connected with rest of India, thus making it one of the popular starting destinations in India for tourists who plan to visit India. Situated in the capital of India, it offers the essential amenities for both in-bound and out-bound tourists.

The Airport is well connected through Delhi Metro, cars, taxis and buses. Indira Gandhi International Airport is approximately 22 Kms from New Delhi Railway Station and is approximately 12 Kms from Gurgaon - Delhi Border. IGI Airport, New Delhi is the busiest airport in India, having a capacity of handling 46 Million Passengers. By 2030, it is estimated that the airport will be able to handle more than 100 Million Passengers.

History Of New Delhi Airport

The Airport of New Delhi was earlier known as Palam Airport. It was built around the World War II and initially was used as an Air Force Base. In 1962 the passenger service was shifted from Safdarjung Airport to this place. This was done in order to manage the increase of traffic. During the 1970s additional terminal was built to handle the traffic. Later in the year 1982, the airport was renamed to Indira Gandhi International Airport. It was during this time that the Terminal 2 came in operation. In the year 2006 it was handed over to the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) for maintenance, development, and overall operations.

About Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL)

Indira Gandhi International Airport is managed by Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). DIAL is a joint venture between GMR, Fraport & Eraman Malaysia and Airport Authority of India (AAI). GMR hold the maximum stakes in this consortium. The consortium is responsible for the maintenance, operation and development of the airport.

Weather At IGI Airport, New Delhi

Weather at IGI Airport, New Delhi is marked by extreme climates throughout the year. The summers are generally hot with heat waves blowing over the city while the winters are characterized with fog and freezing temperature. The ideal time to visit the city of Delhi is between February - April and August - November. During these periods the weather is pleasant and it not affected by weather severity. The spring is the best time to visit the city as the place is lot greener and suitable for travel trips.

Facilities At Indira Gandhi International Airport

The Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi in the recent years has undergone a complete restructuring to meet the international standard in safety and comfort. With the launch of newly constructed Terminal 3 (T3) the IGI Airport is now the fourth best Airport in the World with state-of-art construction. From ultra luxury lounges to duty free shopping the place provide every necessary amenity for the comfort of the travelers. The lounges include all the necessary facility like showers, business center and Wi-Fi. One may also avail the facility of Wi-Fi in other parts of the airport. It is easily accessible and is free of cost. Telephone booths, ATM and Forex counters are also located inside the waiting area and the terminals. In the terminal both International and The Domestic food joints and cafés are there for the travelers. To check out the complete list of facilities available at The IGI Airport, New Delhi. Please Click Here.

IGI Airport Ground Transportation

Outside the IGI Airport, terminal transfer service is available for transportation from one terminal to the other. For city transport one may avail the service of Taxi, Car Rentals, Delhi Metro Airport Express or Bus. The transport modes are accessible outside Terminal T3 & Terminal 1. The Car Rental service is provided by Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd. The transportation options address to the requirements of all customers. One may take the Delhi Metro Airport Express to reach the destination in no time (as it takes just 16 minutes to Reach Central Delhi from the New Delhi Airport) or may opt for a chauffeur drive limousine. To see the detailed modes of Ground Transportation available at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Please Click Here.

New Delhi Airport Passenger Rules

For Domestic Travel it is suggested that you report to the IGI Airport Check-in Counters 90 Minutes Prior to the time of departure. Passengers for International Flights must arrive the Airport, 3 Hours Prior to departure for Check-In, Security Screening and Immigration. Pregnant women are allowed to travel on Domestic Flights, with a Fitness Certificate from the doctor. However, if the pregnancy term is above 32 weeks, traveling is not allowed. Passengers will have to carry doctor's prescription for medicines that they carry both in the hand and checked-in baggage.

In-Flight Catering

All the flights operating from The New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport not only provides comfortable journey but ensures that one gets the best service in every possible way. One of the most important factors in a flight is the quality of food served. The in-flight catering service is provided by some of the best names in business. Not only they ensure quality but maintain complete hygiene while preparing and packing the food. The in-flight Catering service is provided by :

  • EIH Ltd. (Oberoi Flight Services)
  • TajSATS Air Catering Ltd
  • Skygourmet Catering Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ambassador Skychef

IGI Airport Terminals

The IGI airport has 6 Terminals. Terminal 3 is meant for the use of International Flights and some Domestic Carriers. The upper level of T3 is used for departure purpose while the lower is reserved for arrivals. The domestic flights operating from this terminal are Air India, Fly Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Red, and Jet Lite.

Terminal 1D is for the departure of domestic flight like Go Air, Indigo, and Spice Jet. These mentioned flights arrive on the Terminal 1C that is used for domestic arrivals. To know more about the 6 Terminals in Detail and its History. Please Click Here.

Immigration At Indira Gandhi International Airport

Immigration is one of the important procedures before embarking / disembarking on any international trip. It is also required when entering from another nation. The Immigration check at Indira Gandhi International Airport is carried on all passengers even if they are Indian citizen. To make the procedure less time consuming New Delhi Airport has deployed several immigration desks at Terminal T3. Further, the desks have been categorized under seven sections, namely passengers with Indian passport, passengers from SAARC Nation, passengers with special needs, passengers of Indian Origin / Overseas Citizen of India, Diplomats / Officials, Business Class / First Class Passengers, and passengers with Foreign Passport. To know about Immigration at IGI Airport In Detail. Please Click Here.


The baggage clearance consists of two channels namely Red and Green. The Red Channel is for dutiable goods that need to be declared while the Green Channel is for those passengers with non dutiable goods. The Customs is the responsible authority that controls the movement of goods in and out of the country. It is also responsible for collecting the customs duties that one need to pay for bringing or carrying goods to / from other country.

During the custom clearance one must declare the dutiable goods. Any wrongful or misguiding declaration may result in penalty or confiscation of the item(s). To know the complete list of Dutiable Items at IGI Airport. Please Click Here.

Indian Visa

Visa is one of the important travel documents that one must carry while visiting India or any other country. On arrival at the New Delhi IGI Airport inspection of visa is done along with immigration checking. The Government of India provides 'Visa on Arrival' to nationals of few selected countries. It is only issued in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai Airports by the immigration officer. To know more about various kinds of Visa for Indian & Foreign Nationals. Please Click Here.

Airlines Operating in IGI Airport

A great number of Domestic and International Airlines operate from IGI Airport, New Delhi. Few of the countries having flight operations in India are Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Austrian, Kuwait and France. The airport has separate and dedicated Terminal for the Domestic and International Flights. To view the entire list of Airlines plying from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Please Click Here.

Registered Office

New Delhi International Airport (P) Limited
New Udaan Bhawan
Opp. Terminal – 3
Indira Gandhi International Airport
New Delhi – 110 037
Call Centre – + 91 124 3376000

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