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Business and Economy of Delhi

The business and economy of Delhi has increased tremendously over the past few years. It is said that this is mainly due to the investor-friendly policies as well as flexibility of the Delhi government. In recent times we have seen both business and economy of Delhi escalating with skyrocketing speed.

The tertiary sector in Delhi contributes maximum to business and economy of Delhi as compared to the primary as well as secondary sectors. The tertiary sector which we are talking about, generally consists of the service sector. The contribution to the business and economy of Delhi from this particular sector has increased rapidly from the year 1993 and resulted in the mammoth growth in business of Delhi and economy of Delhi. Tertiary sector accounts for more than 70 percent of Delhi's gross state domestic product, whereas the secondary sector contributes 25.2 percent of Delhi's gross SDP.

IT, hotels, banking and tourism sectors are the pillars of Delhi's services sector and strengthening business and economy of Delhi. In fact, Delhi is now becoming one of the major destinations of information technology (IT) in India and it's impact is humongous on burgeoning economy of Delhi and business of Delhi. All the major multinational players in IT such as the Google, Sony, IBM, Microsoft, have their offices in the NCR and Delhi city heralding the resurgence business and economy of Delhi.

Business and economy of Delhi is developing leaps and bounds. BPO business in Delhi is also been going through a growth phase, which is evident by the mushrooming of call centers. With the advent of liberalization, a lot many multinational conglomerates have set up their shops in Delhi, resulting boom in business and economy of Delhi, and this is reflected in the surge of growth of its manufacturing industry over the years. Delhi's most important manufacturing industries are ready made garments and electronic industries. Here it deserves a mention that the retail industry of Delhi is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Delhi is an important trading center in India. The government of Delhi is initiating many industrial policies with the aim to grow business and economy of Delhi and promote industrial growth in the capital city. This is to achieve optimum level of production using less power and space, which in turn will generate employment opportunities for the skilled as well as the unskilled laborers of the city.

Delhi is not very rich in agriculture, however there are a few agricultural lands present in some sections of the city. The important crops that are grown in Delhi are gram, wheat, jowar and bajra. Another profit gaining industry in Delhi is the animal husbandry. Delhi has adequate production of dairy items that is enough to meet the needs of consumption in Delhi and also outside Delhi. Delhi is a city having limited mineral resources and it is not rich in raw materials, as well.

Last Updated On: 2011/06/30