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Costumes of Delhi

India has a very rich heritage in textiles. Here, every state has its unique costume patterns. Costumes of Delhi are no different. The traditional costumes of the states of India depend mainly on the natural fibers grown here as well as on the climate of that particular state.

The traditional costumes of Delhi are churidar or salwar kameez for women, and kurtas and pyjamas for men. On formal occasions like marriages, women wear popular Delhi attire like saris whereas men adorn themselves with sherwani or western suits. The everyday office wear of Delhi for the professional men consists of either short or long sleeve formal shirts having front buttons, complemented by formal trousers. Wearing front buttoned, long sleeve cotton shirts is very common among Delhi professionals.

Sometimes, they wear a tie on the shirt. Delhi is a trendy city and it's showcased in Delhi's costumes; here youth and adolescents are very fashion conscious. Modern costumes of Delhi are polo-shirts, T-shirts, full length cargo pants and jeans. The wealthy among them go for designer wear.

We know that Delhi has linguistic and cultural diversity in its population. People from different states have come and migrated to Delhi for education, business, career, etc. and along with them, they have also brought their culture, languages, dressing style, etc. So you find pockets of diversity in the costumes of Delhi, which complements the mainstream wear, as mentioned in the above para. We find some people wearing Delhi costumes related to their own culture and tradition, though most of the Delhites wear the typical cosmopolitan costumes of Delhi. A section of the Punjabi population residing in Delhi is seen in a typical Punjabi costume. Males wear traditional costumes of Delhi like a lungi i.e. a long cloth that is wrapped around the waist, a long kurta on the top, and a turban on their head that is called the pagdi. Females Delhi attire includes typical Punjabi dress called the salwar kameez. The salwar has a loose fit and many pleats, called the Patiala style. They cover their heads with the dupatta.

Delhi costume of many Bengalis, specially on formal occasions like Durga Puja, include big kurta on the top and a dhoti below. Delhi attire of Bengali women is a sari draped in a typical Bengali style. They fill their foreheads with sindoor or vermillion and apply big kumkum on their foreheads. Delhi's attire for men can be easily traced from their Gujarati lineage through their costumes. They are seen wearing a kurta, and a dhoti with a dupatta on their neck. Gujarati females wear saris in a typical Gujarati style. Costumes of Delhi are vibrant and appeals the masses. Costumes of Delhi makes the style statement and is a benchmark for the clothing industry nationwide. Overall, the costumes of Delhi have multiple facets of cultural and ethnic identities despite its predominantly global look.

Last Updated On: 2011/06/30