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Handicrafts of Delhi

Delhi is a city full of skilled artisans, who are proficient in handicrafts of the city. Shahjanabad, which we today know as Old Delhi, possesses a rich heritage of handicrafts. This is so because the Mughals were great patrons of works of arts and crafts. You can visit the Matia Mahal's Pahadi Bhojla to see numerous jewelers' shop. These shops are full of exclusively made necklaces and bangles that are carved out of the bones of buffaloes and camels. This is indeed an exotic art form.

Decorative lacquer work on bangles is a very ancient form of art, yet it is still thriving in the city of Shahjanabad. The handicrafts of Delhi also include embroidering on the saris or dresses. Embroidering with golden threads is known as zardozi. The craftsmen of Delhi create exclusive designs on velvet, silk, tissue materials, etc.

The silver paper which we use to cover and protect our food is prepared in Old Delhi. You can visit the Matia Mahal in Delhi where you will find many craftsmen, busily engaged in beating silver in thin sheets by hand. A little searching through the alleys can lead you to those small workshops of great craftsmanship.

The very popular Meenakari work is also found in Delhi. It is a work in which the paint is embossed on silver or gold, which makes it appear like a precious stone. The other handicrafts of Delhi include beautiful and attractive pottery. The potters in Delhi fashion wonderful pots to satisfy your thirst, specially in the hot summers, and also your aesthetic sense. They also create exquisite clay and paper-mache dolls. These dolls made of clay can be used as decorations, as a toy or even clay idols, at the time of different festivals. The places in Delhi where you can get these indigenous materials are Hauz Khas, Chandni Chowk, Ajmeri Gate, Paharganj and Ramakrishna Puram. You will also find a rich collection of good quality belts in Delhi. They are created in an exclusive style to suit the needs of the young generation.

They are made out of wooden beads and some other materials like stones, etc and are available to you in different styles, designs, size and in a fashionable outlook. The handicrafts of Delhi do not stop here only. Delhi is a city rich in handmade articles. You will also find perfumes (attars), incense sticks, brass molding, earthenware figures, and many more articles here, which will exude the aroma of a Delhi gone long by.

Last Updated On: 2011/06/30