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Delhi Blood Bank

The medical services in Delhi has improved to a great extent. The wide infrastructure in the majority of the city's hospitals has paved the way for establishment of blood banks in Delhi. Some of the social organizations have been instrumental in organizing blood donation camps at different parts of city from time to time. Apart from providing emergency blood services in the city, they are also known to provide round the clock ambulance services, oxygen supply and even houses eye banks.


Best Blood Banks in Delhi:

While we talk about the famous blood banks in Delhi, mention needs to be made of Rotary Blood Bank situated at Tughlakabad Institutional Area. But in order to get blood from this bank one needs to fulfill the basic criterion's of it. Before you request for blood you need to sign a requisition form signed by the doctor. This particular blood bank in Delhi is also known for cross matching facility. Its important to note that each blood bag contains blood group, date of packing and date of expiry. Hence, its advisable that before you take blood its important to check these vital details.

Some of the other facilities available at Rotary Blood Bank in Delhi are - 9 hematological tests of each blood donor is undertaken,grouping of blood is done through MITIS-2 and cross matching is done with the help of BIO-VUE. The common blood products available at majority of New Delhi Blood Banks are - Whole human blood I.P,Concentrated human red blood corpuscles I.P, Platelets concentrate B.P, Plateletpheresis, Leucapheresis.

In order to regulate the functioning of blood banks in Delhi, the state government has opened many Licensed Blood Banks in Delhi city. These banks are placed under constant monitor of Central Government, Muncipal Corporation of Delhi and Government of Delhi.


Government run Blood banks in Delhi:

Some of the blood banks in Delhi operating under the aegis of State Blood Transfusion Council are--

  • Blood Bank, A.I.I.M.S
  • Blood Bank, Armed Forces Transfusion Centre
  • Blood Bank, Dr.R.M.L. Hospital
  • Blood Bank, Northern Railway Centre
  • Blood Bank ,Safdajang Hospital
  • Blood Bank, Sushrut Trauma Centre
  • Blood Bank, Hindu Rao Hospital
  • Blood Bank, L.N.J.P. Hospital
  • Blood Bank, Swami Dayanand Hospital
  • Emergency Blood Bank,Darayaganj
  • Blood Bank, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital
  • Blood Bank, St. Stephens Hospital
  • Brahm Shakti Hospital & Research Centre
  • Max Balaji Hospital
  • Bajaj Blood Bank
  • White Cross Blood Bank
  • Central Ployclinic Blood Bank
  • Blood Organisation,Laxmi Nagar

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