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Medical Tourism in Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi is perhaps the most diverse place in India. The place has secured its name in the pages of Indian history for being the land of architecture, beauty and India’s soul- the Parliament. Delhi is an acclaimed place not only among Indians but foreign tourists for whom Delhi is a must see for years now.

One who doesn’t visit Delhi is surely missing the real fragrance that makes up India. Delhi has been rightly termed as India’s heart throb in terms of tourism, transport, culture and heritage that lies in every corner of the city. Delhi tops the chart in terms of treatment of chronic diseases and number of medical research centers that draws people from other states and countries other than the holiday makers. Therefore, medical tourism in Delhi is fast gaining grounds in the city.

Medical tourism in India

Medical tourism in India is not only a fast developing concept, but a reality that has gained equal grounds like its places of cultural visits. The sole reason pointed out by surgeons in the Indian Medical Associations is the cheap medical packages that the country offers.

India has some of the best hospitals offering cheap treatment with excellent infrastructural and medical facilities at an affordable rate. This sets India at par with other countries like USA, UK and Australia, where medical treatments are costlier.

Medical tourism has particularly promoted the state of Kerala- that is considered to be the Ayurveda hub in India. Mumbai- specializes in cancer treatments, major operations and cosmetic surgeries, New Delhi. In Chennai- Vellore, Apollo hospital and eye treatment center of Shankar Netralaya are well known.There are many medical tourists coming to India for any type of treatment.

Medical tourism in Delhi

Medical tourism in Delhi is a buzz now in modern India that has been witnessing major changes in the tourism sector. There are increasing number of travelers coming to the capital city every year for treatment and major operations. Risky operations including cosmetic surgeries, nose, chin, hair and breast implants are being carried out in the posh hospitals in Delhi at a low-price. The slogan for developing Delhi medical tourism is “First world treatment at third world price”.

According to health care management in the All India Institute of Medical Science in New Delhi, prospects of health care tourism in Delhi have increased two-folds since the year 2000. There are reported cases of complex heart surgeries, face-lifts and liver transplants being conducted on foreigners in Indian hospitals. Foreign tourists have also been known to have received transplants from Indian donors.

Medical tourism in Delhi has particularly facilitated research works in surgery, treatments and replacements. Several countries seeking cheap treatment facilities for its nationals have links with Indian hospitals to fast track its course of medical health. Even homeopathy, ayurveda, stone therapies, infertility treatments are in increasing demand at the Delhi hospitals.

Last Updated On: 2011/06/30