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Places To Visit In Civil Lines

The name Civil Lines is a relic of British times, when the city of Delhi was organized into separate areas where the British Military and Civilian buildings were located. Areas where civilians lived were demarcated as Civil Lines. The Civil Lines area of Delhi today is a quaint corner of this sprawling city. Historic monuments such as the Coronation PillarMutiny Memorial, and buildings such as Metcalfe House and Viceregal Lodge, some of which are still in use, can be seen in this part of Delhi.

There are a number of pre-British tourist attractions such as the of Shalimar Bagh, Roshanara Bagh and Qudsia Bagh in Civil Lines. The Delhi Ridge, also known as the green lung of Delhi, and ancient monuments such as an Ashoka Pillar, the Pir Ghaib hunting lodge, Coronation Durbar, Hindu Rao's House, Flagstaff Tower, Old Secretariat, Nicholson Cemetery are some of the interesting places to see on a tour of Civil Lines in Delhi.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/06