Location: On the northeastern corner of Hauz-i-Shamsi at the southern end of Mehrauli

Famour for:The festival of Phulwalon Ki Sair

Time to Visit: Open on all days

Preferred Timings: sunrise to sunset

Admission Fee: Free and open to all

Photography charges: nil

How to Reach:Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this monument, which is located in south Delhi, or they can hire auto-rickshaws and taxis or take the metro rail.

Nearest Railway Station: Nizamuddin Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat

Functional Metro Station: Central Secretariat


Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Time required for sightseeing: about 30 minutes

(All data as of October 2005)

At the southern end of Mehrauli, after crossing the congested bazaar, you will see a large tank, the Hauz-i-Shamsi, built by King Shamsud-Din Iltutmish of the Slave Dynasty in 1230. The water of the tank is considered sacred because of its association with famous saints and fakirs who visited the tank in the years after its construction. Moreover, according to legend the idea of constructing a tank was given to Iltutmish by the Prophet himself, when he appeared in his dream. The Prophet not only gave the idea but also suggested the site suitable for constructing a tank. The very next morning the site suggested by the Prophet had the impression of one of the hoofs of the Prophet's horse and thus Iltutmish decided to excavate the tank around the impression of the hoof.

The tank was constructed on a large scale, and it is spread over 20000 square meters. The tank is so big that even the popular Moorish traveler Ibn-Batuta has mentioned and praised its vastness in his writings. The major source of water of this reservoir was rainwater. Apart from the tank, Iltutmish also built a red sandstone domed pavilion, which is now located near the southwestern corner of the tank. However, it is said that this pavilion resting on twelve pillars was built in the center of the tank and was only reached by boats when the tank was full.

At present, a green park has been laid out around Hauz-i-Shamsi. In recent developments, plans have been suggested to beautify Hauz-i-Shamsi and use it for harvesting ground water to solve the area's water shortage problem. However, for this its artificial reservoir and the bed that has dried up needs to be revived.

Special Attraction/ Annual Event: The beautiful festival of Phulwalon Ki Sair, which has been revived after independence and is held during the month of October starts from the Jharna (fountain) of this tank.

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