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Razia Sultan's Tomb

Location: In the Bulbuli Khane locality, east of Kalan Masjid, at some distance from Turkman Gate, just near the Sitaram Bazaar, reached by a forking lane is Razia's tomb

Open: On all days

Admission: Free and open to all

How to Reach: Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this monument or they can hire auto-rickshaws and taxis.

Preferred Timings: Sunrise to Sunset

Photography charges: nil

Nearest Railway Station: Old Delhi Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station: Chawri Bazaar

Functional Metro Station:Chawri Bazaar

Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Time required for sightseeing: 30 minutes

(All data as of July 2005)

In the Bulbuli Khane locality, east of Kalan Masjid, at some distance from Turkman Gate, just near the Sitaram Bazaar, reached by a forking lane is the tomb of Razia Sultan, the only woman in the history to rule over Delhi. Her tomb (the one with stone slab) is located on a raised platform in the center of an unroofed walled courtyard (approx 35 sq feet) along with the grave of her sister Saziya, unknown to history. Apart from a prayer mihrab in the western wall, the courtyard has two more small graves in the southwestern corner, probably of children, also unknown to the world. It is said that her brother and successor Behram Shah built this tomb here soon after the death of Razia, away from the Qutb area for strategic reasons.

Nominated by her father Sultan Iltutmish as the next Sultan of Slave Dynasty, Razia Sultan ascended the throne with the support of her subjects after they rebelled against her elder brother Feroz, appointed by the courtiers in spite of the nomination by Iltutmish. She ascended the Delhi throne in 1236 AD and ruled successfully for three years but her life was 'one long power struggle against her provincial nobility' that felt that choosing the Sultan was their prerogative. Conspiracy took place and she was killed in 1240 AD when she was out of Delhi, suppressing a revolt by one of her nobles. She was captured there and later killed at Kaithal in District Karnal. It is said that she was even buried there and her real grave lies there.

Razia Sultan was a woman of great determination and courage. Dressed like a man, she used to ride on horseback with her bow and quiver and directly communicated to the common people. The main reason for the conspiracy against her was that the Turks noble were unable to digest the fact that a woman was ruling them. Though they were successful in their conspiracy at that time but the history remembers Razia Sultan as the only woman who ruled Delhi.

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