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Dargah of Hazrat Shah

Delhi has many little known historical treasure troves, which doesn't fail to surprise its tourists, and also those who have spend a lifetime in this modern city with an ancient soul. One of them is the quiet shrine of a thirteenth century sufi saint, just near the chaos of traffic and cacophony of busy Old Delhi life. Dargah of Hazrat Shah located to the east of Turkman Gate, on Asaf Ali Road in Old Delhi, this is the dargah (shrine) of saint Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani. The shrine is regarded as the oldest shrine in the whole of Old Delhi, and is centuries older than the Shahjahanabad- the sixth version of Delhi, that Shah Jahan built as his capital. In fact, many people do not know that Turkman Gate was named after this saint, who expired in 1240 AD; much before the advent of the mighty Moghuls. The saint belonged to the Bayabani sect, a little known sect, whose practitioners believed in praying and living in a secluded place; away from the crowd, in close proximity to the nature.

In the present times, the place around the Hazrat Shah Dargah has become thickly populated, but in the thirteenth century it was not so. Then it must have been a densely wooded area, far from the madding crowd and every distraction; an ideal place for introspection and meditation. However, still the shrine; a simple white building in the shade of a huge tree, attracts a feeling of devotion, and thereby attracts visits of the local people. The shrine is open on all days, and there are no admission charges. Nearest metro station to this place is at Chawri Bazar. It takes about 30 minutes to have a look and feel of the place.

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