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Jamali Kamali Tomb

Location: In the Archaeological Survey Park, on the western side of the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, About 300 meters south of Balban's tomb.

Time to Visit: Open on all days

Preferred Timings: sunrise to sunset

Admission Fees: Free and open to all

Photography charges: nil

How to Reach: Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this monument, which is located in south Delhi, or they can hire auto-rickshaws and taxis or take the metro rail.

Nearest Railway Station: Nizamuddin Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat

Functional Metro Station: Central Secretariat

Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Time required for sightseeing:About 30 minutes

(All data as of October 2005)

The Jamali Kamali tomb and mosque is situated in the Archaeological Survey of India Park, Mehrauli,about 300 meters south of Balban's tomb. Jamali was the nom de plume of a saint and poet, Shaikh Fazlullah who was also known as Jalal Khan. He lived from the reign of Sultan Sikander Lodi till that of Mughal Emperor Humayun and was a favorite of both kings. The construction of the mosque was started around 1528-29 during the rule of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire but was completed during Humayun's reign. His tomb was also built in 1528-29, though he died in the year 1535-36.

Richly ornamented with stuccowork, the mosque is considered to be a transition between the architectural styles of Moth-ki-Masjid and Sher Shah's mosque. The prayer hall of the mosque has five arched openings with the central arch higher than the rest and is aesthetically carved with fluted pilasters flanking it. The western wall of the mosque has niches decorated with Quranic inscriptions. It also has a narrow gallery running around the mosque on the second storey with three oriel windows. The façade of the prayer hall is decorated by pendant lotus-buds and can be seen below the parapet. There are also octagonal towers at the rear corners of the mosque and only a single dome surmounts the central bay.

The tomb of Jamali Kamali stands within a large courtyard in the same complex, north of the mosque. The square chamber measures 7.6 square meters and is covered with a flat dome. It has two marble graves, one believed to be of Jamali and other that of Kamali (whose identity is unknown) from whom the structure derives its name. The chamber is beautifully decorated with phenomenal stucco decoration in the interior and blue tiling on the exterior, including the inscribed verses composed by Jamali.

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