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Places To Visit In Old Delhi

The area around Red Fort in North Delhi, is part of the historic city of Shahjahanabad, built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th Century. Now known as Old Delhi, it remains largely unchanged in its historic ambience and walking through its narrow lanes will take you back to an earlier time.

Old Delhi Tourist Places is best explored by cycle rickshaw or even by foot, so that you can see its sights at a relaxed pace. Ancient mansions, the fascinating markets of Chandni Chowk, and historic buildings such the Digambar Jain Temple and its nearby bird hospital, Gurudwara Sisganj and St James' Church, built by James Skinner, are some of the sights you will see on a tour of Old Delhi.

From ancient mosques to curio shops to spicy street food, an Old Delhi tour is a journey full of unexpected sights and surprises. Don't let the 'Old' in Old Delhi mislead you. While the buildings around you may be ancient, the energy of the vibrant markets and bustling streets is unmistakable. Many small businesses and family-run enterprises operate in these busy streets. Jewelry stores, sweetshops, stores that sell old gramophones and cameras, you can find an amazing range of curios and artifacts in the markets of Old Delhi. Indfy showcases the various places to visit in Old Delhi on India for you.

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