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British Magazine Delhi

Location:½ Kilometer from Kashmiri Gate on Lothian Road, opposite to Kashmiri Gate General Post Office, Old Delhi.

Time to Visit: Open on all days

Preferred Timings: 10.00 am-5.00 pm

Admission Fees: Free and open to all

Photography charges: nil

How to Reach:Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this monument, which is located near Kashmiri Gate, Inter State Bus Terminal in Old Delhi or they can hire auto-rickshaws and taxis or take the metro rail.

Nearest Railway Station: Old Delhi Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station:Kashmiri Gate

Functional Metro Station: Kashmiri Gate

Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Time required for sightseeing:30 minutes

(All data as of October 2005)

Located in the middle of Lothian Road (within the road divider) just in front of the Post office are the two similar structures, which are commonly known as British Magazine. The structures are the ruins of an extensive fortified building, which stored the ammunition of the British troops. The structure was blown up on 11th May 1857, during the first war of Indian Independence by the officer in-charge, Lieutenant Willoughby. He did this to prevent the Indian troops who had risen in revolt, from using the ammunition stored in the magazine.

Built of Lakhori bricks, a small canon is placed over the gateways of both the buildings. The buildings have semi-octagonal projections on both sides with two small rooms on either side. The rooms have semi-circular arches to enter and it is difficult to visualize its former shape. The main features of the buildings are its niches and arches at the roof-level on the semi-octagonal projections, though difficult to make out.

The other gateway or the northern gateway has an original marble plaque, which mentions the name of the soldiers who defended the magazine from the enemy. Later another plaque was added that points out that these enemies were actually freedom fighters who fought for India's independence.

Visitors need to be alert while reading the inscriptions on the plaque as heavy traffic moves on this road.


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