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Parks and Gardens in Delhi

Delhi is a city with many fine parks and gardens. With wide tree-lines avenues, and flowers growing on roundabouts and even traffic islands, Delhi is a city that has more greenery than other leading metropolitan areas in India. The parks and gardens in Delhi, provide a delightful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and are the refuge of fitness enthusiasts, nature lovers and the young and young at heart.

You'll find early morning yoga classes, determined joggers, bird watchers with their binoculars and children playing cricket, on the green lawns of Delhi's parks and gardens. With expanses of greenery and many different varieties of flowers and trees, Delhi's parks and gardens are a beautiful and essential part of the landscape of Delhi.

The sight of red Gulmohar blossoms or the radiance of the Golden Laburnum in full bloom across Delhi, are familiar sights in the city. The colorful patches along the roads where florists display their flowers, for passersby to admire and purchase, are a vibrant reminder of how nature's beauty can brighten up one's day. Similarly, a walk in Delhi's parks and gardens is sure to make you feel refreshed. The soothing green environment, the melodious birdcalls and the fragrance of freshly cut grass, will revitalize you and make you want to see more of Delhi's green spaces.

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Last Updated On: 2011/07/01