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Temples in Delhi

Delhi has always been known for its wide array of fascinating temples. Many of the best temples in Delhi are well known for their wide architectural beauty and glorious history dating back to a century. A visit to the city remains incomplete without a paying homage to the famous Kalkaji Temple.

Situated near the bustling Nehru Place it has widely become no less than pilgrimage center for many Hindu devotees. Built in 1764 AD with a glorious history of more than 3000 years, this particular temple in Delhi is known to weave many folklores, some of which have adorned the Hindu mythological epics. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the temple is given an exquisite look during Kali Puja with lakhs of devotees thronging to seek blessing.

Another popular temple in Delhi that has attained great significance is none other than the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Well known for its impressive architectural style its also one of the landmark buildings built the by the eminent business family of India the Birla's in 1938.

Strategically located near the Connaught Place, the temple is actually dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi who are meant to symbolize wealth and prosperity according to Hindu norms. What makes the temple so attractive to the tourists is the fact its designed in a unique way with varied Hindu quotes and religious symbols imprinted on the walls of the temple premises.

Since Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with its citizens practicing varied religious beliefs it also houses vivid religious temples in the city. Bahai Temple is one of the famous temple in Delhi which is also undoubtedly one of the widely visited tourist spots of the city. The unmatched architectural design in shape of 27 lotus petals spread over beautiful landscape garden leaves every tourist spell bound. Located on the scenic Baharpur Hills, this temple in Delhi is actually dedicated to Bahai faith. Its popularly known as “Lotus Temple” too.

Huge festivities are marked in the famous Iskcon Temple especially during Holi and Rath yatra. Conveniently situated towards East of Kailash, this temple in Delhi is actually dedicated to Lord Krishna. Beautiful paintings on the life of Lord Krishna adorn the huge walls of the temple making it an interesting place to visit.

Those who believe in Jainism, Jain Svetambara Temple and Digambar Jain Temple offers various insights on the religious facets of Jainism. There's a special hospital and medical center for animals and birds in Digambar Jain Temple.

One of the oldest temples in Delhi is the very famous Gauri Shankar Temple with 800-year old lingam adding to its reigning popularity over the ages. Major offerings made in this temple comprises of wood apple, marigolds, rice and cotton threads.

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