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Carnival in Goa

Goa is a small state in India. It attracts so many tourists with its rich and beautiful natural surroundings. The beaches in Goa offer fascinating experiences to the tourists. The climatic condition in Goa is always moderate and the best time for visiting the state is in between October and May. However most of the tourists prefer the month of February to plan their visit to Goa. This is because Carnival in Goa which comes in the month of February is simply irresistible.

Carnival in Goa is the best time for wandering the streets. People sing, dance and mask their face with colorful masks and increase the festive mood of Goa. The Goans start preparations for the Carnival in the month of January itself. People in Goa enact some short plays during the Carnival period. These short plays always have a hint of history and consist of songs and dances. The short plays are performed by men only who perform the roles of women too. The actors wear colorful costumes and the music and dance of the play increase the joyous of the festive mood.

Carnival in Goa lasts for three days. The atmosphere is filled with enjoyment and happiness during these three days. Hence you can forget all your worries and troubles in the fun and joy of this carnival.

The Carnival in Goa is the legacy of Portuguese era and it proceeds the fasting season of Lent. Though carnivals are held in almost all parts of the world after the 40 days of fasting period of lent, carnival in Goa is significantly important due to its colorful parades. Although the colorful parades are held all over Goa, Panaji, the capital city of Goa is the perfect location to enjoy it.

The Goa carnival parade is an awesome ceremony which contains an array of fascinating activities. The live band music is accompanied by the dance of masked revelers in the parade. The parade ends with the famous red and black dance. The carnival in Goa depicts the unique culture of Goa and is a symbol of communal harmony since people of all religions take active part in the ceremony.

When you plan a tour to go, then select the month of February so that you can enjoy the magic of Goa carnival. You would be surprised to see how lavishly the Goans celebrate this exciting festival. You can also enjoy the programs like street plays, dance, music and competition. The elected king Mamo distributes prizes to the winners of the competitions. Though this is a Christian festival, it is not celebrated by Christians alone in Goa. In fact the festival has no religious anchorage with Christians. It is celebrated to highlight the culture of the state only.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01