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Cuisines of Goa

The cuisines of Goa are primarily a wonderful combination of spices and sea food that make a beautiful, tasty and mouth watering blend. Goa is one of the most popular and favourite destinations when it comes to savouring sumptuous sea cuisines. Though the most popular of the cuisines of Goa include the mouth-watering Goan fish curry and the heady cashew drink of feni, but there is a wide variety to the tastes of Goa.

During pre-independence India, the state of Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and the bordering regions were ruled by the Muslims and the Hindus. This has had a great influence on the cuisines of the Goan people. The various blend of cooking styles and their influences make the Goan cuisines so unique and different.

Rice, fish and coconut are the three primary ingredients of a typical Goan meal, which are generally spicy and hot. The famous or notorious Goan red chilli and tamarind are also integral parts of many Goan dishes. A wide variety of sea food like many different types of fish, lobsters, prawns, calms, pomfrets, ladyfish, oysters dominate the Goan cuisine. In keeping with the Portuguese influences, beef and pork also figure prominently in the cuisines of Goa. However, the sizeable Hindu population of Goa prefers non-vegetarian dishes of lamb and/or chicken. Pork Vindaloo is an important cuisine of Goa. Sorpotel is another Goan delicacy, which is served during festivities. It is also a pork dish. Prawn Balchao is another popular cuisine of Goa, which has attracted global popularity. The cuisines of Goa also consist of delicacies made from salted and dried fish.

The Goan cuisine is so engaging and tempting that even if you have just visited Goa for the first time, you cannot stop fancying the Goan food. The Goan food is quite simple to cook and hence you can also have these exotic flavours in your very own kitchen, once you have grasped the art.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/06