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Handicrafts of Goa

Handicrafts of Goa are not only works of exquisite art, but are major sources of livelihood of the people of this coastal state. The Goan artisans are great craftsmen and are at their best when carving masterpieces out of general things like palm leaves and coconut shells.

Small Scale Industries Development Corporation and the Goa Rural Handicrafts are facilitating the creation of Goan handicrafts with their guidance and support. There are a number of souvenir shops as well as tourist hotels showcasing handicrafts of Goa, but the most important place to shop for the handicrafts of Goa is the Handicrafts Emporium in Panjim.

Some of the preferred options to shop for the handicrafts of Goa are Handicrafts and the Silk Emporium, Gulf Supermarket, Magamlal Changi, Treaure Trove and the Institute of Nossa Senhora de Piedade among others.

In this highly competitive world, the Goan artisans have become successful in carving out a niche for themselves in the world of handicrafts, with masterpieces of arts and crafts. There is a vast range of items that a tourist can select from. Some of the exquisite expressions of the handicrafts of Goa are found in cotton bags, wooden toys, table mats, colourful masks, sea shell mirrors and idols, etc. The crafts persons of Goa excels in bamboo crafts, pottery and terracotta, wood carving and sea shell crafts, jute macramé crafts, and fibre crafts, whose final products can adorn your drawing rooms on the other side of the planet. Metal embossing, coconut shell carving and production of silver and imitation jewelry are also quite popular crafts of this beach paradise.

What's more, with the changing times, these craftsmen have learnt to be market savvy and have started to strengthen their aesthetic sense with commercial muscle. This has helped to make their lifeblood their livelihood too, and contributed to the Goa's economy.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01