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Places To Visit in Goa

When your gaze is beholding the blowing palm trees, and your feet can feel the cool sand with water rushing to you, every single second, then indeed you are in Goa, the land of Beaches and Churches. It has always been a popular destination for tourism, but what exactly makes it popular, let us have a look at it together.

Historical Pride

Portuguese Churches, Medieval Forts and Baroque Style Mansions need patient visit if you want to get the real feeling of the history of this state. Goa rewards you for your appetite for discovering the past and exploring the present. Visiting historical Forts & Monuments in Goa is a refined experience of getting connected to the bygone days and dig out the facts of the state's evolution and development.

  1. Basilica Of Bom Jesus

    Acknowledged as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Basilica Of Bom Jesus is as sacred as it is beautiful. One of the oldest churches in Goa, it has the mortal relics of Saint Francis Xavier and its baroque architecture is a splendid art to behold. The marble floor, inlaid with precious stones, the elaborated gilded altars, and the paintings from St. Xavier's life, all make it one of the frequently visited place in Goa. More on Basilica Of Bom Jesus

  2. Old / Velha Goa

    Old Goa used to be the capital of Portuguese India during 16th Century, but was abandoned in 18th Century due to plague. Now its ancient ruins and remains are UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town includes churches like Se Cathedral, The Church of St. Francis of Assisi and The Church of St. Caetano, all of which provides a majestic Old World charm, drawing huge tourist attention.

Architectural Delight

  1. Velhas Conquistas

    Also called "Old Conquests" as they were incorporated into Portuguese-India in 16th Century, are the 4 administrative districts in Goa, Tiswadi, Bardez, Mormugao and Salcette. They are the most developed areas of Goa and are highly appreciated for their Goa- Portuguese style architecture.

  2. Chapora Fort

    An old and dilapidated fort, along the coast of Chapora River, which was earlier used for defensive purposes , now serves a serene site, to view across Chapora river to Pernem, over the surrounding Vagator Beach and also out to the Arabian Sea. More on Chapora Fort

  3. Shanta Durga Temple

    The Shanta Durga Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Shantadurga, in Ponda Taluka, is very sacred temple to Brahmins, a Hindu-sect. Its pyramidal roofs and beautiful domes are of a great architectural value. The pillars and floors, made of Kashmir stone is a unique art. The temple also has a huge water tank, a deep- Stambha (pillar of lights) and guest houses in the premises. More on Shanta Durga Temple

Tour Of Museums

  1. Goa State Museum

    Located in Panjim, the capital city of Goa, The Goa State Museum was built in 1996. The museum has variety of artifacts on display including stone sculptures, wooden carvings, bronze items, paintings, old manuscripts, rare coins and anthropological objects. It also houses a number of old Hindu and Jain artifacts and scriptures.

  2. Naval Aviation Museum

    A short distance from Vasco da Gama, in Bogmalo area, lies Naval Aviation Museum, that exhibits history and evolution of India's naval and Aviation forces. Outside the museum is a huge park with a grand display of the crafts used by Indian forces on various occasions and battles, whereas the museum provides the academical information about these battles as well. Along with various old documents, photographs, the museum also has the uniforms and the arms and weapons used by the soldiers, all preserved and intact, thereby making this museum one of its kind.

  3. Goa Science Centre

    This interesting centre, located in Panjim, provides a lot of information in the field of Science and Technology, along with fun. Usual display of interesting inventions, 3D Film Shows, Science Film Shows and Cyberlab Shows, take place daily at Goa Science Centre for people of all ages.

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Golden Sand Beaches

The Goa Beaches like Mobor and Cavelossim are noted for their isolated locations, Benaulim is known as a perfect hub for dolphin cruises. Baga, an extended part of Calangute is a swimmers hub. It lies in a somnolent state ensuring you a safe beach holidaying. Contrary nature of Goa Beaches and their diverse niceties have been the primary reason behind their popularity.

  1. Miramar Beach

    The closest beach from the capital city of Panjim, Miramar is one of the best loved beaches in the Northern Goa. The arrays of tall Palm and fishing peirs keep the spot populated and busy, and also provides an easy way towards the Aguada Fort. A peaceful haven and a hub of activity, it's a tourist delight. More on Miramar Beach

  2. Dona Paula Beach

    Surrounded with fine resorts, Dona Paula Beach in the Northern Goa, is popular for its shady groves. The place also offer options for sunbathing, refreshments and shopping. More on Dona Paula Beach

  3. Palolem Beach

    A beautiful and serene beach in the Southern Goa, Palolem is a hot spot for youngsters, because of the availability of a large number of restaurants, cafes and hotels. More on Palolem Beach

  4. Agonda Beach

    Another color in the South Goa's tapestry, Agonda Beach is quite secluded, unlike other beaches and thereby providing an untouched and unspoilt beauty, for a perfect day. The Cabo de Rama Fort is just at the walking distance from here.

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Cultural Taste With Festivals

If you are wondering about the tourist attractions & sightseeings in Goa then remind yourself of Annual Goa Carnival and Christmas Celebrations that takes place in this colorful state. Your trip comes to full circle after you have tasted the mirth and restlessness associated with the Goa Carnival. The pageantry introduced by the Portuguese has been carried forward over the generations.

  1. The Goa Carnival

    In the month of February, Goa is an irresistible place because of the 3 day long Carnival that takes place before Easter. Splashes of colorful costumes, continuous bang of music, the organized moves of dancing and a joyful atmosphere, all this can be enjoyed for 3 continuous days. The Carnival concludes with the Red and Black dance in Panajim organized by the Club National. More on Goa Carnival

  2. Feast of the Three Kings

    In the citadel of Our Lady of the Mount, Old Goa, the Feast of the Three Kings is organized on 6th January. Also known as The Epiphany Day or The Festa Dos Reis, this is a 9 day long celebration in which music and dancing fills every small space of the area.

  3. Monte Music Festival

    Monte Music Festival is the major attraction, where West meats East gets a literal meaning. Every year in the chapel of Our lady of the Mount, various music academies participate and for 4 days Goa echoes both with melodies of fusion of Indian Classical Music and Western music.

Category Of Places To Visit In & Around Goa

There is a never-ending list of places to see during your Goa Tour. The Major Places To Visit In & around Goa can be categorized into :

  1. Churches
  2. Temples
  3. Caves & Hills
  4. Forts & Monuments
  5. Wildlife
  6. Lakes
  7. Waterfalls & Springs
  8. Dams
  9. Islands

Other Places To Visit In Goa

Besides the Churches, Forts, Beaches and Museums, Goa is replete with a host of other attractions which cannot be confined to a specific category. During your visit you encounter spice plantations, coastal villages, bridges and markets which are more than attractions. To have a different take on Goa's assets in the form of attractions, discovering these places scattered across the state is imperative.

  1. Spice Plantations

    The Spice Plantations in the Ponda Region are successful in pulling tourists. The Aromatic Spices used in Goa Cuisines have their genesis in these Plantations. The open fields invite you to come and smell each of them. You find plenty of people on the farms who can enlighten you on the spices produced and their distinct features. It's a rare sight to see endless stretch of farms producing Black Pepper, Vanilla, Cloves and other Spices. The Sahakari Spice Farm, 2 Kms From Ponda grows Vanilla in abundance while The Savoi Spice Farm, 10 Kms from Ponda, excel in Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coves, Turmeric and Ginger plantation and its Cashew distillation unit is an added attraction. Tropical Fruits like Bananas and the Citrus Fruits have their role to play in the success story of these plantations.

  2. Devil's Canyon

    Devil's Canyon is a much admired river gorge near Molem. Recommended as one of the must visit tourist places in & around Goa, you get to see the rage of the river as it cuts the deep gorge during its flow. Undercurrents and extreme depth make it more alluring for the travelers. This gorge at The Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary also opens before you the scope for a Wildlife Tour. Visiting Tambdi Surla Temple is also on cards. Devil's Canyon is on your way to Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

  3. Usgalimal Rock Carvings

    Usgalimal Rock Carvings, discovered only recently is situated at 16 Kms south of Rivona in South Goa. Acting on the tip off of the villagers, the archaeologists put their diligent efforts to find out the authenticity of the place as a venue of pre historic settlement. Close to one hundred figures including that of bulls and human figures could be seen now. Reportedly one of the most primal places in western India, Usgalimal Rock Carvings in Goa have enough evidence to conclude that these hail from an era existing between 20-30 Thousand Years Ago.

  4. Chandor Village

    Chandor Village in South Goa is not like conventional tourist hubs in the state. The recluse within you will love to wander across the village and pay a visit to the temple and an ancient fort. Located 10 Kms from Margao, the village still preserves the relics of the past.

From an Idyllic coastal land to a rave and wild casino, what is not in Goa to enjoy. All these attractions and authenticity together, makes Goa a favourite hub amongst tourists.

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