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Beaches In Goa

Goa Beaches

Travelling to Goa is about giving yourself to nature's frivolities and waiting for the surprises it brings to you. This small India state is magnanimous value for the merrymakers and the patrons of good life. The Beaches In Goa are where the sea and sun bless the visitors equally and vibrancy gets a new meaning. Goa Beaches welcome the visitors from across the world to come and get the taste of unrestrained fun. The Beaches are touted as the best gift that Goa can offer to those who come here for absolute revelry.

About Goa Beaches

Beaches of Goa, considered as the added feathers to its crown, lure foreigners and countrymen alike to come and be one with the mild sun, caressing sand and embracing waters. The vagaries of the Goa Beaches are exactly what wandering soul looks forward to see. The playful colours, the transparency in the moods and the never ceasing charm of these beaches have warmed the cockles of many a heart.

Travelling length and breadth of Goa is a wise option for the Beach Aficionados who do not want to miss out even a tincture of harmonious madness on these carefree abodes. On heading towards Northern part of Goa you will encounter one of the buzzing places on this handsome haven and as you head towards the Southern part you will meet a rather undisturbed Goa, reticent and recluse.

Goa is for every mood and every season of the year, thanks to its easy-going beaches across the small coastal state. Besides nature's thrifty display, the beaches of Goa is also the gateway to a potpourri of activities to keep your spirits charged up throughout the day.

The beaches call for attention and the temperament to receive every subtle offering and admire even the slightest generosity shown by the coastal clime. Allowing the nature's design to take its own course is the secret to a fulfilling vacation in Goa. Warm weather, glitzy beach life and scope for both adventurous & reclusive life maneuver a winning combination of delight and peace.

Best Beaches In North Goa

Beaches In North Goa have always been the cynosure for the tourists coming to this lovable destination with a brisk and happening life. Thrill is the word for those who step into this eventful refuge in the state. Considering the young crowd and the scattered mirth in North Goa, most consider it as an ideal stop to make it big and memorable. As you listen to your instinct and come to this part of the state you find all the ingredients of endless enjoyment. Concentration of well-known Discotheques, Food Joints and Party Zones in nook and corner of North Goa are reasons enough for your heart to dwell there.

Heading northward gives you the chance to come face-to-face with many a prized beaches known for their crowd-pulling quality. Anjuna Beach is the favourite hunting ground for those who want to be close with the endless stretch of sand and coconut groves. Referred to as an ultimate haunt for mixed-bag of people, Anjuna Beach is the place to be if you want to have some off-the-beach shopping in the popular Anjuna Flea Market. Going for your favourite tattoo or simply allowing yourself to be in sync with the surrounding jollity, this Beach in North Goa is surely the place to be. Anjuna Beach is all the rage among the revelers coming to North Goa owing to the umpteen numbers of merrymaking options the beach destination offers. Besides the Trance Parties and the conglomeration of hippies, Anjuna Beach is also known for having history at its backyard. Visiting Albuquerque Mansion, The Mascarenhas Mansion and The Chapora Fort is always on your mind. Beach activities are more than what your adventurous soul can afford in a single day.

Dona Paula Beach in North Goa has romance and saga attached to it that makes it an exciting proposition for the travelers staying in Goa. Named after the deceased lover. Dona Paula de Menezes, this chic beach still exists as an epitome of sacrifice. The beautiful Mormugao Harbour and Marine Biology Museum are in the vicinity. Adventure seekers can find an answer in Dona Paula Sports Club. After you have lived the beach life to the fullest come out for a historic trip to The Cabo Raj Niwas, which is the home to The Tomb Of Dona Paula de Menezes. As the end of fun and frolic draws near, step inside The Dona Paula Beach Resort for an exclusive staying experience.

Miramar Beach, which means 'Viewing The Sea' in Portuguese, finds you on the way to Dona Paula. Located close to the confluence of The Arabian Sea and Mandovi River, this Beach in North Goa is known for having Silvery Sand Bed. Only 3 kms from Panjim, Miramar Beach is one-stop destination for venturing out for evening walks. Birdwatchers will be taken for surprise as they bear testimony to hundreds of migratory birds flocking the coastline. Plovers and Gulls along with other migratory birds like to return to Miramar Beach with the advent of the winter.

Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim and Aguada Beach keeps the momentum going as you hop from one beach to the other. Spectacular is an understatement for Sinquerim & Aguada Beach as it overlooks the beautiful 16th century Fort Aguada standing tall amidst the hilly terrain. The winning combination of water and fort as the backdrop call for whole-hearted appreciation. Climb up this Portuguese Fort Built in 1612 and catch the view of The Mandovi River from the top of the fort. The experience that will linger in your heart long after it was witnessed. Taj Hotel Group has set up the Heritage Complex here which dominates the headland around the historic Fort Aguada.

Sinquerim Beach is not only about endless stretch of sand and water. This tranquil beach, located 13 kms away from Panaji, is a combination of day-time activities like Swimming and Snorkeling and Revelry during the night. You can head towards the party zones close to Sinquerim Beach. Nightlife with a twist is what this place is known for. Like other North Goa Beaches, this one is a pro-party loving destination. Resorts on Sinquerim are more than welcoming to your tiring soul.

If not the best beach in Goa, Candolim Beach is certainly the most easily accessible beach from Panaji. Parasailing and Water Skiing facility in Candolim Beach are the highs in this beach destination. Casa Candolim, a Boutique Hotel in Goa, is a perfect hideaway located few minutes from the beach. After a day's adventure and rollicking at the beach you get a royal care at this splurge accommodation in Goa.

Bordered by Anjuna to the north and Calangute to the south, Baga Beach remains high on activity quotient with the busy beach promising a variety of options to explore the state's gaiety. Baga Beach is a place for the action lovers. Exclusive dining experience in the classy restaurants and beating nightclubs go hand in hand in this part of Goa. This Goan Beach has its own attractions separating it from the other beaches in North Goa. Discovering 30 kms of Beach Coastline along Goa’s West Coast is a best experience once you hit the Baga Beach. Traveling to the northern end of this beach lets you encounter a rather an untainted facet of Goa Beaches. Plan an entire day on the beach with the morning being devoted to a handful of water sports and a rare dining experience in the Beach Shacks.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach - The Largest Beach in North Goa, represents the exclusive image of the state. From being a mere fishing village in the 70's and 80's to an undulating vacation spot for the beach goers, Calangute has come a long way in cementing its popularity. Be it sunbathing or idling away time at any of the beach shacks, this pricey destination is worth your concentration. Calangute's Nightlife is rather a more subdued one far different from the hip-hop zone of the other Goa beach-side locations. If you want a break from the hard partying, Calangute is the place to hit. Except Tito's, which serves drinks till the wee hours, most of the bars in Calangute close for the day just after 10pm. As you take a stroll around Calangute Beach, you run the chance of beholding paintings and sculptures of budding Goa artists in Kerkar Art Gallery. Church Of St. Alex is another crowd puller as this historic architecture looks stunning with two towers and a magnificent dome.

Arambol Beach

Arambol, another Beach in North Goa is also known as Harmal Beach. It will be a gross mistake to judge the worth of this Sleepy Beach Resort in The North of Chapora by its footfalls. Despite its distance form modernity, Arambol Beach is a lovely retreat for the lovers of obscure and untouched. Peace is certainly this way as you have the liberty to lie down on this Palm-Fringed Beach & relax in a less crowded place in Goa. Going for a walk to its north will let you explore a smaller beach with a fresh water lake. Your wandering eyes will spot the Jungle Valley encompassed by hills and some Sulphur Springs. With no major hotels located in this area, visitors can rent rooms at very reasonable rates.

Vagator Beach

The Vagator Beach in North Goa, on the northern side of the Bardez Taluka is another example of pelf and plenty that Goa Beaches are known for. You get a closer view of Arabian Sea and roll on the White Sands clearly demarcating the coastline. There is lot to watch out for around Vagator Beach including the 500 years old Chapora Fort. The place is a home to two fresh water springs and one of them lies at the foot of a hill. For the first hand experience of the local community, visit The Chapora Village, the quaint fishing village close to the beach.

Bambolim Beach, although among the lesser known ones, yet has the potential to gift you quality days in Goa. Known for its Oyster Shells, this Sedate Beach invites families to enjoy a personal vacation far away from the cacophony. Located along the Panaji - Vasco route, Bambolin Beach is frequented by both domestic and International Travelers.

Vainguinim Beach, located in proximity to Dona Paula is a luxurious retreat for the vacationers in Goa. Close to Panjim, this North Goan beach reflects the typical Konkan features. Cidade De Goa, the 5 star deluxe hotel on the Vainguinim Beach is among the most talked about accommodations in Goa where you won't miss the Goan experience. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Reis Magos Church are the nearby places which will catch your fancy.

Other North Goa Beaches

Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach in North Goa has always been in the fray for being one of the blessed beach destinations in the state. Union of natural flair of the place and popular food joints make it difficult for the tourists to shay away from this beach. The real charm of Morjim Beach is reverberated in the form of the meeting point of Zuari River and The Arabian Sea. Favourite haunt for The Olive Ridley turtles, Morjim Beach is a well-preserved destination kept aloof from the pangs of commercialization. Putting up at Montego Bay Beach Village Hotel guarantees you the magnificent view of the beach.

Keri Beach is The Northernmost Beach of Goa. Popularly referred to as Querim Beach, this white sandy beach lies north of Arambol. The visitors get a rare chance to sneak into the colonial past as they stand before Terekhol Fort, an ancient Portuguese fort. Ferry service to Terekhol is conducted every 30 minsThe Keri Beach steals the show with its indigenous beauty taking over the rest. Shacks and restaurants in and around the beach serve fresh seafood that leaves you wanting for more.

Visiting Chapora Beach in the vicinity of a coastal village will let you discover an enthralling part of the Goan coastline. History makes its presence felt near the beach as the old Chapora Fort stands exactly on the opposite. Walk down to Chapora Village situated on the estuary of the Chapora River and you also get a glimpse of a trawler-fishing jetty.

Best Beaches In South Goa

The Southern part of the "Pearl of the Orient" is more on the recluse side with a space for those who have escaped to Goa for a breather. If you are not late - night partying and have not set your heart upon adventure sports, The Beaches present in South Goa welcomes you with a graceful smile.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach in South Goa is entirely a mystic experience as this beautiful beach between two headlands has something unseen and unheard of in its appearance. Located close to Canacona Railway Junction, Palolem Beach is where host of hut accommodation can be spotted. Travelling to this newly discovered Beach is nothing less than invigorating as you treat yourself to an Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga. Short trips around Palolem are on cards if you manage to row over to the fishing beach where you get to spot dolphins. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is another nearby attraction that is the home to diverse species. Visiting The Second Largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa between October and March will be a venture worth trying. Informal atmosphere of the Beach, authentic Italian and local cuisine, and staying in beach huts combine to make it a wholesome affair for you.

Agonda Beach is on your way towards Panaji from Palolem. This long and solitary beach invites the unique travelers who come here to feel their communion with nature. This Pristine beach in South Goa has become the meeting point of The Olive Ridley Turtles. Government of India declared Agonda Beach as preserved site for the Olive Ridley turtle breeding. This 3 kms long beautiful beach wears an unusual look of food stalls, shacks, and souvenir stalls. It is a different feeling altogether to hire a camp for the night, gaze at the stars and listening to the waves crashing against the shore. Travelling around Agonda Beach will be an eye-opener as you chance to have a rare rendezvous with history. The Fort Cabo de Rama, situated close to Agonda Beach, is believed to have been the shelter for Lord Rama, the central figure of the Hindu Epic Ramayana. A day trip from Colva and Covelossim gives you the slice of adventure you expect. The best way to reach this beach is to rent a motors bike and drive into this place.

Varca Beach

Your search for clean Goa beaches ends after you come to Varca, Cavelossim, and Mabor Beaches. Situated south of Benaulim, these beaches are being tagged as the beautiful ones in Goa. Surpassing most of the famous beaches of Goa when it comes to offer cleaner and more placid atmosphere. Varca, Cavelossim and Mabor are where the exclusive and beach resorts in Goa could be traced. Dining at the beach shacks gives you a delightful experience of authentic Goan dishes and seafood. Dolphin watching in River Sal is another way of enriching your Goa experience.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach is rightly marked as one the most equipped beaches of South Goa. There is no dearth of modern amenities in and around this 20 kms long beach, noted as the most loved one by the natives of Goa. This fast - expanding beach is comparatively a new discovery. Lack of much beach activities has helped Colva Beach retain its undisturbed state. Walking along the beach located on the shores of the Arabian Sea and witnessing the setting sun is more than just gripping. You will be spoilt for choices if you plan to stay close to this beach. Air-conditioned resorts, tourist cottages and nightclubs abound in the place. Visiting Church of Our Lady of Mercy in Colva opens before you The Miracle Statue of Menino Jesus. As the day makes way for evening and the surrounding stalls are lit up, Colva Beach wears the romantic look with the moonlight reflecting on the seemingly white sands and water touching our feet.

Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach, a small stretch beach located about 5 kms north of Colva is another destination in Goa which has myth attached to it. Legends say Lord Rama was brought up at Majorda after he was kidnapped as a child. Known for being the hub of the best bakers in Goa, Majorda still commands attention from the travelers. This is the place where the Goans were first trained to bake European breads.

Visitors come to the Benaulim Beach in search of harmony and they find that in plenty. Only 2 kms from Colva this beautiful beach in South Goa has a holistic presence convincing you to unwind to the fullest. As you let yourself loose in this peaceful haven, your shopping instincts get the required impetus. Benaulim is among the rare sites in Goa where you are reminded of the handicraft industry of Goa. As popularity hasn't yet crept in, it still has avenues for you to explore. If you happen to be at this Beach during the monsoon don't miss The Feast of St John the Baptist that emanates from The Church of St John the Baptist situated on a hill beyond the Benaulim Village.

Bogmalo Beach is a favourite haunt for the class travelers as the Beach is often overshadowed by the overwhelming presence of The Oberoi Hotel. This 5 Star Hotel is where the comfort dwells in close association with lavishness. Bogmalo Beach is just few kms from the Dabolim Airport and 8 kms from Vasco da Gama. While you are at Bogmalo, Naval Aviation Museum is a highly recommended place to visit. You get the first hand experience of the Indian Navy with weapons and artilleries at display.

Other South Goa Beaches

The pomp and glory of the South Goa Beaches may not be what you are looking forward to and this is when the lesser known beaches in the southern part of the state come handy. Betul, Canaguinim, and Benavali Beaches are among the less-visited but largely cherished beach destinations in Goa. Betul Beach, located adjacent to the coastal town in South Goa District is just an hour away from Margao. Watching The Sal River meeting The Arabian Sea and taking in the view of Mobor Peninsula, an inexplicably adventurous spot, give you unbridled pleasure. Hire a boat and row over to the Betul Hillock and Mabor Beach.

Comparatively a small destination in Goa, Benavali Beach is a surreal and quaint old place where you and your love for solitude spend moments. Certainly a photographer's delight, Benavali Beach is a doorway to white sands with Palm and Casuarina Trees bordering the place. Perched close to Margao, the beach can be easily reached by buses, motorbikes and cabs. Since crowds don't throng this place too often, you may find this a place to unwind and be with yourself.

Goa Beach Map

Velsao Beach may not be the eye-candy for the visitors but this little beach, close to Bogmalo and Hollant Beaches has much to offer for the ones deeply in love with isolation. Listen to the waves pounding against the shore and going on for a long walk on the beach are more than de-stressing for vacationers. This privy beach in South Goa is an easy ride from Colva and Velsao. Besides The Velsao Chapel, from where your eyes meet the Salcette countryside. Paying a visit to The Our Lady of Cures Chapel adds to your soothing moments.

The Cola beach in Canacona is another specimen of Goa's beach treasure. Hitting this remote beach gives you the comely view of picturesque Goa. Located 6 kms from Agonda Beach and 15 kms from Palolem, Cola Beach gives you the matchless scope to stay in any of the hand-stitched Rajastani tents that give you a distinct Rajasthani taste while you enjoy the rolling waves and look up at the starlit sky.

Map Of Goa Beaches

Indfy provides Map of Goa Beaches and description of frequently visited beaches of Goa below. After looking at the Map you can know which Beaches are there in North Goa and South Goa respectively and accordingly you can plan your stay.

Beaches Of Goa - A Complete Place

The Surreal Beaches, Stimulating Weather, Kaleidoscope of Yellow, Blue and White are all so inherently present in the Beaches of Goa that they let you feel more connected to the place and help you take to a different plane altogether. Goa Beaches represent the dichotomy of the place and also its diversity that makes you feel complete. You get the chance to run wild in the peppy Nightclubs and sit quiet on the Calm Beaches. Your tryst with Carefree Attitude, Languid Life and the sand and the water is more than what you can expect to take back from the Beaches in Goa.

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