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Aguada Beach

The tiny state of Goa in India is rather well known for its pristine beaches along the long stretches of its coastline. The vast coastline of Goa is interrupted only by a few rivers running down into the sea. The Aguada Beach of Goa is a quite popular beach, literally lent colorful and vibrant by the influx of tourists. It has stunning golden beaches running up to the borders of the state of Maharashtra. The aquamarine sea lapping against the golden shores is truly a pretty sight. Watching this tranquil place in the cool beach breeze in the evenings is a lovely experience. It is rather known for the historically important site, Aguada Fort. The main attraction on the beach is the magnificent Aguada Fort and the fantastic Reis Magos Fort. There are also certain beautiful churches in the region, which are worth the visit. The tourists often frequent this beach, located close to Sinquerim Beach.

The Portuguese built the Aguada Fort, on the beach, during their reign in Goa. It was constructed to protect Goa from foreign invasion. It also prevented the entry of the invaders into River Mandovi and thereby denied their access to mainland. The fortress is imperially set, skirting the seashore. The panoramic view of the huge waves crashing against the golden sands of the beach from the bulwark of the fort is truly amazing. A huge spherical structure of a lighthouse is located centrally in the fort. From the summit of the lighthouse, a bird's eye view of Cabo Raj Niwas at a distance can be availed. The Fort presently houses the Central Jail of the state. Reis Magos Fort is situated opposite to the Reis Magos Church. Reis Magos Church was constructed in 1555. The church provides a breathtaking view of River Mandovi. The Church has beautiful European architecture and the interiors are done in stunning hues. It has tombs of three viceroys of the Portuguese reign.

As for the accommodation in Aguada, one has the option of a comfortable luxurious stay in the lovely cottages of Fort Aguada Complex. It was built on a cliff the ravages of the Portuguese fort. There are also many hotels and guesthouses nearby. Or else, there is the option of staying in nearby Candolim or Baga beaches and traveling down to Aguada Beach. Candolim and Baga have really comfortable places to stay in. To travel down to Aguada Beach, there are a few buses from Panaji to places close to Aguada. But it is better to arrange for hired taxi or motorbike. The motorbikes can be hired on a daily rental basis. It is really pleasant to drive around the beach and nearby places.

Aguada Beach boasts of azure blue waters and fine soft golden sands. Besides, it also has historical forts and beautiful churches in proximity. It has something to cater for the varied taste of the visitors. It is an exotic tropical holiday destination in pristine settings. It is a vibrant beach and a popular tourist destination. It is a lovely place worth a visit.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/04