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Anjuna Beach

Goa is small coastal state in India, with a long coastline on west facing the warm Arabian Sea. It is famous all over the world for its lovely beaches and has a tropical climate, perfect for the beaches. Attributed with calm seas Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. The gently frothing white waves lapping unhurriedly at the pale golden shore, Anjuna Beach is a pleasant sight. There is a lovely cove in white sands of the beach sheltered by an unusual formation of black rock jutting into the sea. This place is known as the Jewel of the Anjuna or Orzan. The beach is a 30 km coastal line of incomparable beauty. The soft pale golden sands hemmed by lovely coconut groves and lapped softly by the calm waters, Anjuna is an exquisite beach, quite ravishing in its beauty.<.p>


The hippies discovered Anjuna Beach around late 1950s, and used to organize wild rave parties on the beach. From then onwards, the wild moonlit parties, lasting throughout the night, have been a norm on the beach. The trance music and rave parties are now common on many beaches in Goa. The hippies and other tourists look forward for these parties eagerly. The beach is still a preferred haunt for the hippies with a few of them staying back for as long as a couple of months. During the Christmas - New Year holidays, the full moon parties organized here are quite popular. The tourists are seen dancing away to glory in moonlight with soft waves lapping gently against their feet.

Anjuna Beach is famous for the Wednesday flea market. There are lots of handicrafts stalls, cafes and bars. There are a lot of things of good quality that can be purchased from the Wednesday flea market. There are so many shops for Kashmiri, Tibetan and Gujarati handicrafts. The whole place would be swarming with people on the market day. The sellers would be quoting much higher prices than the actual cost. Even the sellers expect the customers to bargain. With some good amount of haggling, almost anything can be bought at steal-away prices.

You can also have a great view of Chapora fort from Anjuna Beach. For sightseeing, you can visit the Albuquerque mansion located close by. Other than the normal beach routine of sunbathing and swimming, certain water sports are organized on the beach, for the tourists. There are facilities for paragliding, windsurfing or else, bungee jumping from the top of an 80 feet long tower. The mouth-watering Goan cuisine is a must-try while in Goa.

The serene sands of Anjuna Beach are ideal for a beach vacation. The water sports facilities available and the Wednesday flea market makes it a favorite tourist haunt. It is the perfect place those who party hard. There are many clubs to party in Anjuna; besides beach parties are also organized frequently. The best time to visit the beach would be from November to March. During Christmas-New year holidays, the place is packed with tourists and the best of the parties are organized during this time.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04