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Arambol Beach

The tiny state of Goa in India is renowned all over the world for its pristine beaches and attracts many tourists to it, throughout the year. Arambol Beach is an exquisite beach, a few kilometers from Mapusa and 50 km from the state capital, Panaji. Though frequented by the tourists throughout the year is not crowded like the other beaches in Goa and hence has an isolated, bohemian feel to it. This lovely beach, set in tranquility, is reached by a drive down the cashew tree groves. This beach also has a fresh water lagoon close to the sea, which extends all the way down to a valley of thick jungle. This lake is fed by hot springs around it. Because of the hot springs there are sulfur pits around the lake. This sulfurous mud is believed to be great for skin and hence many tourists can be seen with the mud slathered onto them.

The 16 km stretch Arambol Beach consists of two sections. The more popular main beach, Harmal Beach is a curved stretch of beach, vast in area. It is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The other section is a secluded pristine rocky little circle of a beach, located closer to the lake. You have to walk up to the secluded part, isolated by steep cliffs on both the sides. It is the most scenically set part of the beach with the most spectacular view. The beach is most visited between December and February. Many Israelis can be seen hanging around the beach. Because of its bohemian feel and secluded location it is a favorite hangout of the hippies as well. Arambol Beach is perfect for anybody who wants to be in a serene, secluded and pristine tropical atmosphere. The peace and tranquility of the beach is what that attracts most of the tourists to this picturesque place.

The water sports and other activities organized on Arambol Beach are quite popular. The visitors flock in for the paragliding off the cliffs around the beach. Dolphin spotting boat rides are yet another popular activity on the beach. Being a commercialized beach and a popular tourist haunt, there is no dearth of options in shopping. There are a few shops along the beach selling colorful clothes, junk jewelry and handicrafts. In Arambol the visitors have a good variety in the choice of food available. There are a few good quality restaurants and cafes in Goa, which serve excellent Italian cuisine, sumptuous Goan cuisine and hot, spicy Indian cuisine.

To stay in Arambol, mostly there are these basic simple huts and houses in the woods bordering the beach. To get to Arambol by air, you can trvel down to Dabolim first and then further commute to the place in a hired taxi. Arambol is 29 km away from the international airport at Dabolim. Goa is well connected by rail and has two important stations at Margao and Vasco da Gama. There are frequent bus services from Panjim and Mapusa to Arambol. After reaching the airport or railway station you can also hire a taxi to Goa.

Arambol Beach attracts the travelers by the wonderful its twin beach. Whether you want to laze around leisurely, sunbathing or if you prefer to explore deep into isolated tranquility, Arambol has something to offer. Hence it is a hot tourist destination, but unspoiled all the same.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/04