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Baga Beach

Goa is a tropical paradise in India and is famous for its beaches. Baga Beach is the sister beach of the famous Calangute beach and actually is an extension of it. The perfect little beach of clean golden brown sands and azure sea makes it a tourist hotspot. It is a preferred hippie haunt and is a favorite of the anglers as well. It is 10 km away from Mapusa. The location of the beach is absolutely breathtaking. It is a rocky beach bordered with headlands of exotic woods. There are facilities for fishing and water sports as well.

Baga Beach is an excellent getaway for those who are rather keen on a peaceful respite, away from the crowded hustling beaches of Goa. Mother Nature has painted a really unique picture at Baga Beach in its peaceful location- the huge black rocks against which the waves crash noisily, the beachside infringed with palms swaying in the wind and the frothing, foaming white waves crashing down on the brown sand, flanked by thick woods of the river valley and Baga River gently flowing down into the sea. This lovely, panoramic beach is quite popular as a fishing beach. Most tourists coming down to Baga Beach try their hand at fishing.

Baga Beach has developed quite fast, from its past as a secluded beach. There is a Saturday flea market, for shopping in Baga and is tremendously popular with the visitors. The market is also known as Saturday night market as it is functional even in the night. In the night, brightly colored electric and paraffin lamps further liven up the atmosphere of the market. The main road of Baga is literally dotted with shops. There are lots of bars, eateries, tandoori terraces, jewelry shops, handicraft shops and souvenir shops along the road. A temporary stage put up on the beach mostly has live music by the local musicians.

Crocodile spotting and dolphin spotting in the backwaters is yet another popular activity of the tourists coming down to Baga Beach. These trips are charted through the Mandovi And Zuari Rivers, which has a thick blanket of woods rich in mangroves along its shores. The crocodiles can be spotted on the marshy regions of the river and dolphins at the mouth of the River Mandovi. The sighting of dolphins is a delightful experience.

But Baga Beach is most popular for fishing and lively nightclubs. The tourists eagerly go on the fishing trips and return smugly with the day's catch. The nightlife in Goa is at its liveliest best in Baga. It is a perfect mixture of Western and Goan cultures. Many a tourist frequents the nightclubs in Goa and they are quite popular as the hippie hangouts.

The shallow waters of Baga River running down the beach to join the sea is a good place to let the children have a dip. Baga Beach, the angler's paradise is a much sought after tourist destination and yet retains its charm, tranquility and peace. The secluded location and tranquil atmosphere of Baga Beach set so scenically and adorned by the creeks flowing down, dotted by black rocks on the lovely golden brown sands and lovely waves washing the shores, beckon tourists to this scenic beach.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04