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Bogmalo Beach

The tiny state of Goa has a long stretch coastline and a line up of exquisite beaches along this coastline interrupted only by the rivers flowing down into the sea. Each beach is unique in its own way and is set against the Arabian Sea. Bogmalo Beach is one of the less crowded beaches in Goa. It is simple beautiful beach known for its serenity and peaceful atmosphere. It is located close to the famous port city of Goa, Vasco. Once it used to be a very simple fishing village. Then it caught the fancy of the visitors and ever since has started getting commercialized. But, despite the commercialization, Bogmalo still is a popular tourist destination, because of its clean sands and less crowded peaceful environs.

Bogmalo Beach has clean golden sands set against a calm azure sea. The lovely sands of the beach are so scenically infringed with the coconut palms along the beachside. The waves crash lightly against the shores in an erratic rhythm. The waters are quite safe for swimming. To grab a bite there are innumerable beach shacks and food joints serving delectable Goan cuisine. The beach is also populated by many handicraft shops, which are perfect to get hold of some souvenirs of the trip. The beach is perfect for those visitors who are getting tired of the crowded popular beaches in Goa and are in a bargain for some peace and quiet on the beach.

Bogmalo Beach is rather known for the Oberoi hotel, which is located very close to the sea. It is an open-air restaurant providing a gorgeous view of the clear waters and lovely beach sand. The restaurant has the cool sea breeze wafting around, throughout the day. The constant lull of the waves lashing against the walls of the restaurant, dining out there is an experience by itself. Many tourists flock in to visit this unusual restaurant alone.

Yet another interesting thing on Bogmalo Beach that the tourists love to indulge in is exploring the shipwrecks on the silt around the beach and taking a trip down to the beautiful tiny islands nearby. Located on the far end of Bogmalo Beach is a diving school. It is one of the very few schools in India offering different courses in open water diving. They offer a few try dives for those who are new to diving.

Still, there a few fishing villages around Bogmalo Beach. The beach also has a number of food joints, specializing in delicious Goan cuisine and seafood, in beach shacks along the beachside. The assistants in these restaurants keep roaming about in between the tourists and serve them food right on the beach itself. It is an ideal picnic spot as well.

The broad open beachside with a flat terrain and lovely scenery is what attracts the tourists to the tranquility of Bogmalo Beach. The fact that presently it is one of the less frequented beaches of Goa just adds to its charm and allure. It is quite an ideal place to spend holidays in a peaceful relaxing manner.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04