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Colva Beach

Goa the tiny state in India with a vast coastline is blessed with a few of the most picturesque of the beaches. One of them is the beautiful Colva Beach in Goa. It counts among one of the largest beaches in Goa and is blessed with powdery white sands. It is blessed with a spectacular landscape. It is one of the less crowded beaches in Goa and is ideal for a vacation spent leisurely, with time at your sands. Even the waters have a languid pace as tiny frothy waves lap the shores gently. The lovely coconut palms border the entire coastline from Bogamalo to Cabo de Rama. Even the coconut trees seem to be agreeing with whole of the languid atmosphere, swaying gently in the sea breeze. This lovely, pristine beach is 6 km from Margao, a major railway station in Goa.

In fact, during the colonial reign of Portuguese in Goa, Colva Beach used to be the leisurely retreat of the aristocratic society in Margao. The higher class used to come down to the beach for the holidays and for a change for the mundane routines of the job. The languid atmosphere of the beach perfectly suited the purpose. Because of its past as a colonial retreat, Colva still has beautiful luxurious villas and houses as a reminiscent of its glorious past as the favorite retreat of the aristocracy. It has sunk deep into oblivion ever since, except for a very few visitors to the beach. However, the tourists are getting more aware of this lovely beach, so far stowed away from the tourists. More and more visitors prefer coming down to Colva Beach these days to enjoy the downright lazy ambience it provides and also to immerse in the beauty of this pristine beach village populated with colonial mansions and homes.

Apart from the lovely beach, Colva is also known for the statue of Menino Jesuse or Infant Jesus. The statue is in Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Piedade, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy. It was founded way back in 1630. This local church is located in the village square. One of the famous religious events associated with the church is the Fama of Menino Jesuse. This huge feast is being celebrated since the 17th century. The Catholics of Colva, who form the major portion of the population in Colva, celebrate it with full zest and merriment on every third Monday of October, year after year. It still is one of the major events and biggest feasts held in Colva. What attracts the visitors more to witness this event is the fact that it is tradition, which is a reminiscent of the colonial days of Goa.

Though Colva Beach doesn't have any wild parties in the night, it has an active nightlife and has two well-known nightclubs- splash and disco, unique in their own way. Colva can be easily reached from Margao, a main railway station in Goa. However it is a good 68 km away from the international airport Dabolim. To stay in Colva there are plenty of hotels there, but it is better to have advance bookings in the hotel.

Colva Beach is the place to be if you are yearning for a totally relaxing vacation doing absolutely nothing. You can grab an intersting book and laze around the beach in absolute tranquility, a quiet that is disturbed only by the gentle waves lapping against the shores.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04