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Majorda Beach

Goa in India is a lovely coastal state known for its exquisite beaches. Most happening of the beaches with wild beach parties, quiet little fishing beaches, or the languid serene beaches- whatever you prefer, Goa has something to offer. Majorda Beach is one of the astounding beaches in Goa, quite popular among the tourists. The beach is extraordinarily beautiful covered in impeccable powdery white sands shining under the blazing sun, while the spectacular clear green waters of the Arabian Sea borders it. Located towards the southern side of Bogmalo, it is a vast carpet of silver sand straddled over 26 km. It is only 18 km apart form the international airport in Goa, Dabolim.

Majorda Beach also has a few interesting legends connecting it to mythology. The mythology has it that this lovely beach was discovered in ancient times itself. As per a Goan version of the great epic, Ramayana, Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to Majorda, when he was a young child. Later, it is believed that Lord Rama traveled down to Majorda in search of his wife Sita. He is believed to have stayed in Cabo de Rama, a bit further from Majorda. The developed stretch of Majorda Beach ends at Cabo de Rama.

In Majorda, Jesuits discovered the best of Goan toddy, the sap extracted from the coconut palms. Jesuits are known to enjoy the good things in life. They used this toddy to leaven the bread. The Majordans are the very first Goans to get trained in baking European breads, a process requiring finesse. Still, they are the best bakers in Goa. Their skill in baking the breads remains unsurpassed in Goa, down to this day. Majorda is famous for its bakeries and toddy.

Majorda beach is very popular among the tourists. It is well known for its beautiful natural setting and calm and peaceful atmosphere. The tourists coming down to Majorda, just love to soak up in the sun, take a dip in the bewitching green waters and to stroll leisurely on the silvery sands. The usual sight on the beach during the peak of the season is tourists scattered around the beach- some of them readying for a dip in the lovely green waters, some of them lying around languidly baking themselves in the sun and little kids running helter-skelter and settling down to make their own castles in sand. You would lose the count of time, lying leisurely on the beach, soaking up the sun.

Reaching Majorda is quite easy as it is located only 18 km from Dabolim, the international airport. Local transport can be arranged for from the airport. If traveling by train, you can alight at Margao and avail of further local transportation facilities to reach Majorda. Finding an accommodation is also quite easy as there is ample number of hotels near the beach. You can choose from arrange of good luxury hotel to the budget hotels, according to your need.

So pack your bags and head for Majorda to have a wonderful time on this captivating beach.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04