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Miramar Beach

Goa is famous for its beaches all over India, as well as outside India. The tantalizing Miramar Beach is carpeted in dazzling golden sands and skirted with the azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea on one side and a thick canopy of lovely palm groves with the trees swaying in the wind lined up on the other side. Miramar is a Portuguese word, which means viewing the sea. The beach is also known as Gaspar Dias. It is situated close to the famous Dona Paula Beach. It is a tiny beach with 3 km long stretch of golden sands. On one end it has the estuary of bewitching River Mandovi flowing down into the sea.

Miramar Beach starts from the gulf of the estuary and runs up to the Emerald Coast Parkway. The lovely bed of golden sand is best suited for an evening walk along the beachside. The lovely sands are said to acquire a silver sheen and sparkle in the moonlight. The view of azure waters of Arabian Sea from the beach is absolutely ravishing. The white frothy waves run up to the shores and retreat washing down the shores. Yet another spectacular view from the beach is that of the majestic Portuguese fort, Aguada Fort, stationed imperially in a distance across the enthralling Mandovi River.

Being a coastal village, the climate at Miramar is equable and humid throughout the year. May is the warmest month with temperatures hovering around 300C and the January the coolest with temperatures around 250C. The monsoons are experienced around June to September. The best time to visit Miramar is around October to May. Miramar Beach is internationally known as a coastal area, which is the wintering ground for many migratory birds. Many migratory birds like plovers and gulls fly down to Goa every year to escape the harsh winters of the West. These birds, unusual in our part of the world intrigue the visitors to Miramar. These migratory birds fly back to their native places, as the winter ends.

Miramar Beach is a usual meeting ground for the people of Panjim. It is also a preferred hangout of many domestic, Indian travelers. One can try some authentic Goan cuisine and shwarma based Mid East snacks at the beachside stalls. There is an adequate playground for the children, on the beach. The huge fish built up of cement on the playground is fascinates the children visiting the beach.

This exquisite beach has a very few shacks and stalls along the beachside, under the cool shade of the palms. The tourists can buy the usual beach fare of seashell trinkets and curios from these shops. Haggling for the prices is a must in these stalls, as the shopkeepers expect bargaining and quote the very high prices. There are various options for accommodation on the beach, which ranges from the luxurious resorts with state of art facilities and budget hotels with minimal facilities.

Miramar Beach, with its calm pristine environment, is a perfect destination for holidays.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/04