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Palolem Beach

Goa is a tiny state in India known for its picturesque beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Palolem Beach is also known as the Paradise Beach. Though stowed away from the tourists' eyes for many years, it is gradually getting commercialised. Inspired entirely by its sheer beauty, the tourists presently flock into Palolem, eagerly.

Palolem Beach is a crescent like coastline of silvery sand, lined by coconut trees swaying in the breeze and hemmed scenically by a couple of steep, rocky cliffs. It has calm, pristine sea ahead, with the hills surrounding the beach on both the sides. The calm shallow waters can be safely walked into, up till 100 m. Located between two headlands and facing a beautiful blue bay, Palolem Beach is a picture perfect silvery arc. There are little islands with woods towards the northern headland. The backdrop of Western Ghats makes the beach lovelier.

The arched silvery sands of Palolem Beach are equipped with plenty of beach shacks, the huts made of thatched palm for tourists. Accommodation may be availed in these lovely huts by the beachside. You can have a beautiful dinner by the campfire, under the night-sky, beside these beach shacks. Other attractions here are the fishing trips and Dolphin cruises. These rides are priced reasonably. A trip can be made from Palolem to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. A walk down to the butterfly island is enticing. The island is towards the left side of the beach. Walking down the rocks during the low tide, you can reach the beautiful island, surrounded by rocks. There are some really nice restaurants at Palolem to dine out. Normallyy you would get westernised food in Palolem. As with any other beach in Goa, Palolem also has many restaurants specializing in seafood. There are many pubs and bars in Palolem, as well. There are many shops selling the local beer, known as feni.

To get to Palolem Beach, it is better to travel down to the nearby Margao and then commute to Palolem. Margao is well connected by flights and trains. From Margao, government approved taxi services may be sought to reach Palolem. You can also travel down to Canacona by train and then get a taxi to Palolem. It is the railway station nearest to Palolem. State transport bus services are also available, both from Canacona and Palolem. You can also get auto-rickshaws from Canacona.

Palolem is a nice place to take long walks. It is a small place and hence can be easily explored on foot. Walks in the evenings along the beach, in the light breeze, can be quite enthralling. But you can also have the options of mopeds and bikes on hire. Or else, rickshaws and taxis can be hired to get around in Palolem.

With the picturesque arched silver coastline of sands, pitted against the tranquil azure blue waters, Palolem is one of the most beautiful Goan beaches. Though slowly getting commercialised, it is still a place to lounge around in tranquillity and watch the beautiful sunset in all its glory, or opt for blazing sunrises lighting up the horizon in vivid colours.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/04