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Vagator Beach

Goa is small coastal state with tropical climate rather known for its lovely beaches, along the straight coastline. It is a tourist hotspot in India. Vagator Beach is one of the popular beaches in Goa. It is a serene beach with silvery white sand and waves splashing against the black rocks. The landscape is dotted with the palm and coconut trees, and has an old fort built by the Portuguese, Chapora Fort as a backdrop. Vagator Beach is quite close to Mapusa Road and about 22km away from Panaji, the state capital.

Vagator Beach is less crowded and rather relaxed, compared to other beaches in Goa. Hence the beach is an ideal place for a quiet, languid getaway on the silvery beaches. Yet another peculiarity of Vagator Beach is that the seawater changes color from clear aquamarine blue to emerald green. The shores are equipped with tiny tourist cottages, garlanded in a myriad of hues like fuchsia, purple and bright yellow.

In Vagator Beach, you can also witness the local fisherman, clad in their traditional attire, going into the sea for fishing and coming back with fishes. The Goan women and children dress up in colorful traditional clothes and await the return of the fishermen on the shores. Once they are back, they all celebrate the day's catch. These people are quite friendly and if taken an initiative to befriend them, they enthusiastically fill in the details of the trip and might even volunteer to take you on their next trip into the sea. The local fishermen are very amiable and friendly and for them, there are celebrations almost every other day.

There are a group of makeshift cafes at the southern end of the beach, crowded predominantly by Israelis. It is quite suitable for a budget vacation with ample time at hand. For staying in Vagator Beach you have the options of staying in guesthouses or rented houses. It is better to visit Vagator during the off-season for tourists, as finding an accommodation during the peak seasons can be quite troublesome.

To reach Vagator Beach, you can get a flight to Dabolim, the nearest airport. It is 22 km away from Vagator Beach. There are frequent bus services from Dabolim to Panaji. From panaji and Mapusa buses for Vagator Beach are easily available. To get around in Vagator Beach, scooters or bikes can be rented. The locals are quite friendly and helpful and happily give away the directions to the tourists. Also, there is an option of getting a taxi. But make sure you bargain for the prices quoted by the taxi drivers, as they always tend to quote a bit higher prices. Again, it is better to bargain on the things bought from street vendors or from the beach.

While visiting Vagator Beach, the rich Goan dishes and the variety of seafood available should definitely be tried. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants along the main road. For a lovely leisurely vacation on silvery beaches, Vagator Beach is the ideal place to be. It has a more relaxed atmosphere as compared to the other beaches and is perfect for a lazy siesta under the sun.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04