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Caves and Hills In & Around Goa

If history is to be believed, Goa has become the Excavation Hub in the recent past with 25 Man-Made Caves being discovered across 9 Districts of the state. Apart from that, Goa has good number of Natural Caves. According to the historic sources, these caves were mainly built for Religious Purposes and some been built for Residing Purposes. Caves form an integral part of your trip when you consider what to visit in and around Goa.

Eminent Caves and Hills In & Around Goa

Arvalem Caves are modern day manifestations of the pre-historic life in Goa. Comparatively a recent discovery, Arvalem Caves have caught the fancy of the visitors. The Rock Cut Caves, representing one of the aged monuments in Goa, has the string of mythology attached with it. Pandavas, the heroes from Mahabharata, were believed to have take refuge in the Arvalem Caves during their exile. There is a touch of Elephanta and Ellora Caves in the form of the Arvalem Caves. These are located 9 Kms south of Bicholim Town.

Lamgau Caves have been pulling in visitors for its impeccable collection of Rock Cut Caves of Buddhist Origin. There are two caves for you to look out for. While the cave closest to Lamgau is small yet it is artistic superior than the larger cave which has a rather complicated passage. The later one was used as shelter during the monsoon. You can either drive along Bicholim to reach Lamgau Caves or reach here by trekking through Lamgau Village.

Pandava Caves in Warkhand Village of Goa's Pernem District gives you a new window to look at the world. Located 15 Kms from Mapusa, the caves are perched on the hill. The presence of a beautiful spring will not go unnoticed close to the Pandava Caves. The forested area is a home to Tigers, Deer and Peacocks.

Cave of Mangueshi is among the other noted Caves in Goa formed out of a Single Rock. Located a kilometre from Mangueshi in Ponda District, the cave has neither Pillars nor Verandah, but there is a Square Lateritic Pitha with a Yoni which is intended to insert shivlinga. It is assumed to be a shivalaya belonging to the 5th Century. Mangueshi is about 23 Kms away from Panaji.

Rivona Cave in Goa is a glaring manifestation of Buddhist history in the state. This ancient Buddhist Cave is carved out of Laterite Rock. Bicholim District is a home to a similar kind of Buddhist Cave in the name of Lamgao. The platform in the middle of the cave is believed to have been the seat of the Buddhist Monk. Belonging to the Mahayana Sect, Rivona Cave in Goa has a stone sculpture of Buddha in 'Bhumisparsha' posture. Your seeking eyes will find out the Kadamba Lion Icons inside the cave.

Ishwarbhat in Ponda District is another cave in Goa worth visiting. Located 3 kms away from Khandepar, this Rock-Cut Cave exudes a charm of its own. Quaint and Rich, the place leaves you with a sense of wanting for more.

Dabos Cave in the Sattari District of Goa has history as its resource. Encompassed by vegetation, these Rock-Cut Caves in Laterite Stone mean a lot to the archaeologists. Locals are of the belief that this Goa Cave was excavated by the Pandavas during their days in exile.

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