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Churches In & Around Goa

Understanding Goan Culture requires a vigilant study of the fact that this place has seen emergence of Christianity and its growth. Churches In & Around Goa speak of epochs gone by and the deeds done in the past. Churches, Cathedrals and Chapels in Goa form a poignant evidence of Goa's rich Christian legacy that is being carried forward over the ages.

Eminent Churches In & Around Goa

Visiting Basilica of Bom Jesus (Cathedral of the Good Jesus) will let you see the remnants of Francis Xavier, the saint responsible for widespread conversions during the 16th century. Locals believe that the image of the crucified Christ in the Chapel Of The Weeping Cross has miraculously bled at some point of time in the past.

Churches in and around Goa are identical in their structural designs and the reverence they demand. Trip to St. Francis Tomb is an experience in itself as this is considered an important world heritage site.

Old Goa's western side has Holy Hill where you spot the Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Rosary. This 16th Century church is one of the oldest ones in Goa. Gothic feel descends in the church having Two Chapels and Three Altars. The main altar is dedicated to Our Lady Of The Rosary. Inviting Porticos and Round Towers make look like a Fortress Church.

Church Of St. Francis Xavier is a place where miracles were believed to have happened. Built in 1884, this church in Old Goa exudes divinity that hangs in the air for you to notice. Inimitable design and Dorian architecture make you observe the place. The church remains open from 6 am to 6:30 pm. Being a part of the evening mass is what every traveler looks forward to. This Goa Church dresses up the best during the Christmas.

Church & Convent of St. Monica on the Holy Hill has the history of being Goa's first and only convent for nuns. Constructed in 1627, The Church & The Convent has to offer more than you can take in. Although it was given the status of a church much later in 1968, the place is no less sedate. History has it that this former convent used to be a home to 150 Cloistered Nuns. This Goa Church is also known as the Royal Monastery of Santa Monica.

Se Cathedral Church in Goa was designed to make it worthy of all fame and popularity. Idea conceived by a Portuguese Viceroy, St. Catherine's Cathedral is an architectural marvel located southwest of St. Cajetan's. Se Cathedral is a humungous architecture, larger than most Churches in Goa.

St. Augustine Church in Goa is a towering 46-metre high structure that comes with eight intricately designed chapels and four altars. You will find a convent with artistic columns attached to the church. Discerning visitors will find the age-old religious suppression written all over.

Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi is a 17th Century church in Old Goa located in proximity to the Cathedral. Behold the expressive statues of St Francis Of Assisi and The Jesus on the cross housed in the ornately decorated Church. If you are in search of peace and communion with God this Goanese Church is your destination.

Chapel Of St. Catherine is on your way further to the west. This 16th Century Church in Goa is a meticulously designed structure made of laterite block. The Chapel Stands in place of the gates of Panjim during the Muslim rule. The Chapel was later endowed the state of the cathedral in 1534. You can spend some contemplative moments in this Old Goa Chapel.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church in Panjim, Goa is where faith finds a refuge. The graceful presence of this Goa Church becomes more evident during the Feast Of Our Lady Of Fatima celebrated at the end of May. The resplendent image of Our Lady Of Fatima is placed on the Altars before the celebration takes off. The touch of divinity felt during The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception on 8th Dec every year is a rarity in itself.

Other Churches In & Around Goa

Some of the other eminent churches in & around Goa are The Convent and the Church of St. John, The Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Mount and The Church of Nossa at Saligaon . All these churches belong to different periods of architectural style. A visit to these churches is sufficient to give you an idea of the architectural specialties of each era. These Churches of Goa give you an idea as to what heights the architectural supremacy of those bygone eras had reached. You should visit these beautiful Goa Churches at least once.

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