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The Church and Convent of St. Monica

Goa is the land of beaches and churches. Among the famous churches of Goa, The Church and Convent of St. Monica is among the most beautiful. This church is one of the tourist destinations which you should not miss while on a tour to Goa.

The Church and Convent of St. Monica is located on the Holy Hill of Old Goa. This church is adjacent to the Chapel of St. Anthony, situated on the Holy Hill of Monte Santo. Then this was the only convent for the nuns. The construction of this grand nunnery was started in 1606, and was completed in the year 1627. This building was destroyed in fire in 1636, and was rebuilt in the following year. This church and convent is believed to be the first nunnery built in the east.

The Church and Convent of St. Monica is a huge three storied structure, made in laterite. This structure was originally plastered with lime but now it is plastered with cement. This is a square building and has large courtyard. There are various cells and halls with sheltered verandas. The vaulted ceilings are tastefully decorated with floral decorations and some scenes from Holy Bible are also painted.

The convent was the residence of some 150 cosseted nuns, who were called as the Daughters of St. Monica. In the penance rooms of the convent, the penitents tormented themselves with ropes, nails, and leather straps. The convent ceased to be a nunnery in 1885 and then was granted the status of church in 1968.

This convent was also called as the Royal Monastery because of the royal patronage enjoyed by it. There were some eleven chapels in the convent besides the novitiate and a seminary for girls. The church, which is in the monastery, is dedicated to St. Mary. Presently the building has the Mater Dei Institute for nuns, which was started in 1964.

You can reach this place conveniently from anywhere in Goa. Various types of local transports are available to take you to this place. The best suited place from where you can reach this church and convent is Panjim, which is just 9 km away from this holy place.

If you are visiting Goa then The Church and Convent of St. Monica is a place you should not miss visiting. The church is built in the Portuguese style of architecture, and can be revered in its full architectural splendor.


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