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Se Cathedral

Goa is a land of many beautiful churches. There are many mesmerizing old churches in Goa which are architectural marvels. The Se Cathedral is one of the beautiful churches; a fine embodiment of spirituality, grace and power during the early rule of the Portuguese.

The Se Cathedral is situated in Old Goa. This grand structure is a testimony to the power, wealth, and fame of the Portuguese rule. This church is the largest church in Asia and is considered as an esteemed seat of Archdiocese of Goa. The church boasts of its grandiose style and no church, even in Portugal, can match the style and enormity of the structure.

The Se Cathedral is a gigantic structure which is intricately carved from top to bottom. The walls around the altar are full of historical events depicted on them. This gorgeous church is built in manueline style of architecture which is a fine blend of Corinthian and Renaissance styles. This church was designed by the engineers Ambrosio Argueiro and Julio Simao. The history of this church dates back to Dominicans who were the first missionaries sent to India.

This Se Cathedral with its sky high ceiling is one of the famous tourist attractions in Goa. The west facing cathedral has exquisite Tuscan exteriors. This church has a 98 ft high façade which is exclusive to the manueline style of church architecture. One of the prime attractions of this church is the tower that once housed a golden bell which was cast in Cuncolim village in Salcete. The interiors are designed in Corinthian. There are 15 altars which are dedicated to several deities like Our Lady of Hope, Our Lady of Three Needs, and Our Lady of Anguish. There is also a grand altar which is dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria. The main alter has carved frames on which lives of St Catherine and a magnificent crucifix are depicted and looks simply amazing.

Visit this Se Cathedral for the Blessed Sacrament and for the Cross of Miracles both of which are embroidered with exquisite filigree works on the screens. You will find yourself humbled by the tranquil effects of the fine interiors. This place is sure to fill your mind with that rare peace of mind which is hard to find in the fast paced metro life.

The Se Cathedral is one of the most sacred monuments for the Christians. A visit to this beautiful architecture in order to pay homage and of course to enjoy its beauty, should certainly not be missed. The intricately designed interiors are very beautiful and it is a very exhilarating experience to witness the fine works. This church building, with its wonderful style of architecture, is sure to take you back to those historical days when the Portuguese ruled over Goa.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04