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Forts and Palaces In & Around Goa

There are not many better places to visit in & around Goa than Forts and Palaces to understand the Turbulent History of this Coastal Beauty. Be it the reign of the Maratha Rulers or the colonization by The Portuguese, The Forts and Palaces in & around Goa give you a glimpse of what went throughout the state. Architectural Dominance and Rumination of the Relics tell a lot about the series of successions Goa witnessed. Palaces explain to you the worn out majesty and high sense of aesthetics prevalent centuries ago.

Eminent Forts and Palaces In & Around Goa

Chapora Fort is one of the few existing specimen of olden times that Goa takes pride in. Standing the test of time for centuries, Chapora Fort in Goa has become a landmark for the history enthusiasts. Located 10 Kms from Mapusa, this Old Fort in Goa is fine construction of Red Laterite Stones. As you wonder at the history, the breathtaking view of Anjuna Beach intervenes.

Fort Aguada is more than being a 17th Century Portuguese Fort. This Historical Fort on Sinquerim Beach at the South Western Extreme of Bardez District is where you get a glimpse of old and faroff things. Plenteous view of River Mandovi is an added attraction of this frequently visited fort. Fort Aguada has memories of battles long ago connected with it. With Arabian Sea as the backdrop, the fort stands colossally awe-inspiring.

Nanus Fort in North Goa's Satari District may stand dilapidated but you will find enough evidence of this age-old architecture being used as a Military Base. This 17th Century Fort recalls the reign of Shivaji and the Portuguese Dominion. Unlike the popularized forts like Chapora and Aguada Fort, Nanus is little obscure standing on a small hillock. Valpoi is the closest destination from here.

Mormugao Fort is does not give you the fortified feeling like most other Forts in Goa. This Coastal Goa Fort was built in 1624 near Marmagoa Harbour close to Vasco da Gama town and ever since then it has been serving purposes more than one. If you look for attractions you come across Bulwarks, Chapel, Magazines, Prisons and some quarters for the guard. Beautiful Fountains also grace this Historical Fort.

Alorna Fort tells you the story of frequent change in its ownership with the fort being captured and re-captured by the Bhonsles, Marquis of Alorna and Dom Guilherme. Located in the village of Alorna, this 17th Century Fort is just 30 Kms from Mapusa. Used religiously to defend against the Maratha Attacks, Alorna Fort has lived through the century long power struggle and continual attacks.

Tiracol Fort in North Goa gives you more to wonder at than many other attractions in Goa. A colorful mélange greets you as you step into this colossal 16th Century Structure standing against the backdrop of Arabian Sea. Construction and re-construction cover much of the troubled history of this fort. Starting from Portuguese invasion to the liberation of Goa, Tiracol Fort has seen them all. This fort in Pernem District takes pride in its century old Church of St. Anthony. Presently, this fort has been metamorphosed into a Heritage Hotel.

Cabo Raj Bhavan or the Governor's Palace is one of the most recommended places to visit in Goa. This official residence of the Governor of Goa is located close to where Mandovi and Zuari Rivers meet into the Arabian Sea. This 16th Century Palace was known as 'Palacio de Cabo' during the Portuguese Reign. After it transformed into a palace from being a mere fort, Cabo Raj Bhavan started attracting attention of the architecture lovers. Besides the 500 Years Old Chapel at the corner of the palace, look out for the collection of Chinese Porcelain and Glass Chandeliers.

Reis Magos Fort stands out from the other landmarks in and around Mandovi River in Goa. The Church cum learning center that had found a place inside the fort is now in ruins. The Ornate Pillars add grace to the church and the royal feeling emits from ever nook and corner of the place. Located on the riverbank, this is an ideal destination for those who want to be in close communion with history. Visiting this Church on 6th January every year is a prudent option as you get to be a part of The Feast Of The Church Of Reis Magos.

Rachol Fort & Seminary is another sought after historical destination in Goa. This deserted fort is located 7 Kms away from Margao Town. Once a raging battlefield, is now an extinguished structure where past has left an indelible mark. Seminary is perched on the hill top.

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