Aguada Fort

The state of Goa with its pristine charm draws many Indians and foreigners to it, making it a hot and happening spot for holiday makers. Along with the scenic beauty of this beach haven, the place has a rich cultural history and a part of this history is reflected in the many forts of Goa. One such fort is the Aguada Fort, built in 1612 by the Portuguese at a strategic point near the mouth of the river Mandovi, overlooking the Arabian Sea at the northern tip of Goa.

The fort has got its name from the word agua meaning water in Portuguese. The fort has many natural springs and was used as a watering hole for the ships which came here after their long journey from Lisbon. From the south of Candolim is the long peninsula and at the rocky head of this peninsula is the Aguada Fort. The fort was built by the Portuguese at this strategic point to prevent invasion by Maratha and Dutch rulers through sea routes.

The Aguada Fort can be called the strongest structure built by the Portuguese since it was the only fort which was never conquered by the Marathas or Dutch during the 450-year-long Portuguese rule. This can be contributed to various features of the fort like its high strategic location on the rocky cliff which acts as a vantage point against invaders and its structure made up of walls which are 5mts high and 1.3mts wide.

The special features of the Aguada Fort are its 13mts high lighthouse which was built in 1864, and was lit using an oil lamp till 1976, after which the electric lamps were installed. The lighthouse had a gigantic bell, which traced to the ruins of the St.Augustus monastery. The other interesting structure beside the fort is the fort church. The Portuguese used to build churches on the outskirts of the forts to prevent the enemy from firing at close range. The church of St.Lawrence is found on the way to the Aguada Fort; he was the saint of the sailors.

The beach or shoreline extends from the Aguada Fort for 30kms in an uninterrupted patch, up to the Maharashtra border. This entire stretch of beach is beautiful. At the base of the Aguada Fort are the Senqueren and Candolim beaches, which are famous among the tourists for the water sports conducted there by the Taj Group of Hotels, which has two resorts here.

A part of the Aguada Fort is converted into a prison and the best part has been converted into a heritage hotel called the Fort Aguada Resort. The hotel is owned by the Taj Group of Hotels. The Fort Aguada is one of the best preserved forts of Goa. It can be reached from Panjim or from Mapusa. The Fort Aguada Resort is one of the best five star luxury hotels in Goa. The resort has rooms built along the entire stretch of the rocky cliff of the fort, and affords one of the best views of the Arabian Sea.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04