Marmugoa Fort

When Vasco da Gama discovered Goa little did he know that one day this land would have a town by his name. Today Vasco da Gama is the industrial hub of Goa. The town of Vasco has a number of industries, and the ruins of an old fort. This old ruined structure has made Vasco a famous tourist place. It is the Marmagoa Fort which was built in 1624 by the Portuguese, which lies in ruins today.

The history of the port is significant and indicates the struggle for independence that the Maratha warriors waged against the foreign rulers in that century. It was in 1624 that the construction of the Marmagoa Fort was started, and later the Portuguese Viceroy even moved to the fort. The fort was later abandoned by the Portuguese due to the repeated attacks by the Maratha warriors and the capital was shifted to old Goa. The fort was built near the beautiful Marmagoa harbour to protect the harbour and the town of Vasco.

The Marmagoa Fort was once an impressive monument, with a circumference of six miles and many cannons and guns around. The fort with all these defence mechanisms proved futile against the Maratha warriors, which eventually led to its abandonment. The only structures that remain today are the chapel and the fort wall. This fort lies on the western coast of Goa, and at one time it contained three magazines, a chapel, five prisons and huge bulwarks. It had two beautiful fountains fonte de Malabar and fonte de Ignacio, making it one of the most glorious forts in those times.

Today no tour of the Goan forts is complete without a visit to the Marmagoa Fort. This fort has great importance for the historians. The historical significance of the fort is immense, and to add to the history is the natural beauty of the place, with the Marmagoa harbour near by. It is one of the most scenic spots in Goa. The Varca Beach is near the Marmagoa Fort. This beach is famous for its unique montage of a long row of wooden fishing boats, which fascinate the tourists.

To get to the Marmagoa Fort, you could come from the Goa airport, which is about 4km from the fort. You can also embark on a journey from the railway station at Vasco. From Vasco one has to take the ferry to reach the fort. The ferry ride is interesting and gives you a beautiful view of the surrounding structures and beaches.

Though the fort is presently in ruins, it is worth a visit and the efforts are worth it due to the natural beauty of the place, which is characterized by the Marmagoa Harbour and the Varca Beach. The industrial town of Vasco may not be big, but it has some old architecture and embodies an old charm. So don't miss out this quaint industrial town resonating past legacies, and the old historic monument in its vicinity, when in Goa.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04