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Teracol Fort in Goa

The only fort in Goa, built by its local ruler- the king of Sawantwadi - is the Teracol Fort. This fort lies towards the north of a rocky plateau. The fort is set amidst beautiful surroundings with the lovely backwaters on one side and the lush green forests on the other. The road which winds down from the rocky plateau has green paddy fields on both sides and coconut plantations with little red houses and temple towers protruding out at intervals.

To reach Teracol, which lies at the northern tip of Goa, one has to take the car ferry from Querim, which is about 24km from Panjim. The Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhosale built this fort in the seventeenth century. Later it was captured by the Portuguese, in the year 1764. The Portuguese rebuilt the fort and added the chapel and some other structures to the fort. They wanted this fort because it was at the gateway of the sea, and the ships passing by had to pay taxes to the fort.

The fort is built at the estuary of the Teracol river, at the northernmost border of Goa. The fort has a dry moat all around it and a magnificent view of the ocean. In the forts square is the four-hundred-year-old chapel of St.Anthonys. The Arambol or Harman village in the vicinity of the fort has retained its natural beauty, because the locals did not allow many resorts to come up in the area. The village has some of the calmest and cleanest beaches in the entire district of Goa.

From the Teracol Fort if one travels a little deep into the valley, one will find fresh hot water springs with sulphur banks. These are said to have a healing effect on many ailments like skin conditions and arthritis. The backwaters near the fort have many wild and rare birds, which makes this a haven for the amateur ornithologists. The beach has many palm trees growing along with it, making for a fabulous sight. The entertainment options include dolphin rides, water sports like parasailing, banana boat rides, and boat rides to the nearby Anjuna and Vegator beaches.

A part of the Teracol Fort has today been converted into a luxury hotel named Teracol Fort Heritage. It has only a few rooms, catering to the more privileged lot. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant in case you plan to have lunch there on your visit to the fort. There are regular buses, which come here from the capital Panjim. You can spend hours here looking at the lovely sea, shopping for small artefacts made by the locals and soaking in the few reminders of the great history of the place. The hotel has maintained the remains of this historical monument pretty well by repairing the damaged walls and other structures of the old fort.

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