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Islands In & Around Goa

There is always the mystery quotient attached with islands and this is where Goa Islands have scored the most. If visiting Goa is tempting then taking a trip to quaint old Islands is a reward you deserve. Be it Water Sports or Nature Walking, the Islands in and around Goa never run short of options. Curious travelers can spend days observing the Deserted Structures in the Goa Islands and admiring the virginity of the picturesque landscapes. Surprises come in small packages in most of the accessible Islands in and around Goa.

Eminent Islands In & Around Goa

San Jacinto Island is a little paradise, which finds you at a distance of 5 Kms from Bogmalo. This recluse island is a home to several ancient buildings and a picturesque chapel. The island has an underground Tunnel, which generates much curiosity among the visitors. Besides the St. Hyacinthi Church, you get to witness the Old Portuguese Lighthouse on this Island in Goa. A small islet with a crucifix prominent on it makes you wait and watch.

Bat Island, also known as the Pequeno Island is close to Baina Beach in Vasco Da Gama. This Elysian Island in Goa comes with a package of surprises. A Rocky Beach and a rare opportunity to go Snorkeling act as fodder for the adventure lovers. Apart from being an ideal Snorkeling Destination, this Island in Goa is also a favorite retreat for those who want some time exclusively for them.

Chorao Island is true to its Sanskrit name meaning 'Stunning Precious Stone'. From being a mere settlement of Portuguese noblemen, this Goa Island has grown into a quaint place nurturing few church and aged villas. The church of Sao Bartholomew, 16th century architecture is majesty personified. Being the Largest Island in Goa, Chorao Island surpasses 16 other islands in attracting visitors. Chorao Island is easily accessible by ferries starting from Ribandar located 3 Kms from Panaji.

Divar Island is still untouched by commercialization and it has retained much of its originality. Situated across the ever-active Mandovi River, it is easily accessible via ferry from near Viceroy's Arch in Old Goa. This small village reprises the feeling of visiting Goan countryside. Noted as a famous destination for the Hindu pilgrims, Divar Island still nurtures many a Hindu Temples. Bonderam is a much talked about festival which sees a huge influx of tourists to Divar Island. This festival is celebrated on the 4th Saturday of August.

Grand Island off the coast of Vasco Da Gama is true to its name. It offers a grand experience to the lovers of waterspouts as it is home to excellent Scuba Diving sites. Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay are some of the Scuba Diving sites around Grand Island. Take a day trip to this island in Goa for good Snorkeling Experience. Beauty of marine ecosystem will take you by surprise.

Anjadip Island in the Arabian Sea is known mainly for the annual Feast of Our Lady of Springs celebrated on 2nd February every year. This mystical island off the coast of Canacona comes to life during The Feast of Chapel of St. Francis D’Assissi every October.

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