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Museums In & Around Goa

Art and culture is a by-product of eventful past Goa is gifted with. As a visitor it is more than pleasing for you to trace the linkages going back to centuries. Museums in Goa are phenomenal in terms of preserving the state heritage for the world to notice and admire. Those having eye for detail and nurture a love for history, Goa Museums will provide you with enough fodder. From Vintage Cars to Christian Art and Sculptures Of Paraffin Wax to The Relics Of The Past, Museums in and around Goa take pride in being rich and resourceful.

Eminent Museums In & Around Goa

Wax World Museum in Old Goa is second wax museum that India was gifted with. Looking at more than 30 Statues of famous Indian Personalities from different walks of life is an enriching experience. As you admire the sheer artwork, the guide informs you about the history behind making of every statue. Be it the figure of Mahatma Gandhi or Radha Krishna, each sculpture born of paraffin wax is much close to real life figures. Don't miss out on the sculpture depicting The 'last Supper' Scene. Its height is 22 feet and weighs 500 Kgs.

Archaeological Museum is another star attraction in Old Goa located 9 Kms off Panaji. This Goa Museum houses rare items smudged with the rich history of Goa. If you have the appetite for history and mythology the museum opens before you the collection of sculptures of Hindu gods and goddess and remnants of the colonial past. Carefully painted portraits of Vasco Da Gama and Portuguese Governors grace the walls.

Vintage Car Museum situated in Nuvem is Goa's only Vintage Car Museum where you amaze at the collection of Vintage Cars selected from Goa and its neighboring regions. It's a good feeling to see these vintage cars preserved well. Starting from Chevrolet Fleet Master of 1930's to Mercedes Benz 170 and Peugeot 301 to Austin 1928, the collection is so much tempting for the car lovers. You have the privilege of hiring these cars for a simple ride or for special occasions. Ashvek Vintage World, the other name of the museum finds you on the Panaji – Madgaon Highway.

Goa State Museum is certainly Goanese in its collection. Located just few hundred meters south of the KTC Bus Stand in Panaji, the State Museum is a home to several items taking you to that epoch when Kadamba Kings ruled supreme. This Goa museum is an eye-opener for those who think much of the past has gone missing. Wooden statues of Christian Saints, Terracotta Items hailing from Indus Valley Civilization and 18th Century objects create a mélange of ancient and recent past.

Museum of Christian Art is the hunting ground for the art lovers as this cultural heritage in Goa is loaded with expensive creations made of gold and other precious stones. Ever since it opened its door for the public in 1994, the museum in Margao started attracting patrons of Portuguese art and craft. One of the proud possessions of the museum is the Jesus with his flock of lambs. The museum is open on all days and closing time is 5 pm.


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