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Sri Ananta Temple

The splendid land of Goa is filled with myriad treasures. The beautiful beaches, sacred temples and the magnificent churches are an integral part of these treasures. The temples situated in the city are thronged by ardent devotees who queue up to seek blessings of the revered deities. The Sri Ananta Temple is one of the popular temples of Goa. It is located near Panaji and is devoted to Lord Ananta.

This age old temple is located near Sovei Veram. This one of a kind temple is enveloped by pretty surrounddings which add to the beauty of the temple. This temple is actually devoted to Lord Vishnu. Ananta is Lord Vishnu's avatar in the form of a snake. So the temple has been christened Ananta. Lord Vishnu plays an important part in the preservation. Thus this temple has added significance.

The Sri Ananta Temple has unique architecture. The roof of the temple is made up of tiles in the shape of a pyramid and has a rustic charm to it. You will not find any domes adorning the temple. The walls of the temple are not painted and have been plastered. But inside the temple, a pleasant and pretty sight awaits you. You will find many images and statuettes ornamenting the interior of the temple. All of them are made out of wood and are a riot of colours. These wooden images showcase the seven colours that the rainbow is made up of.

The image of Lord Ananta is made out of black stone and depicts an important avatar of the lord. The Anantashayya avatar is a unique and special form of the deity. Here Lord Vishnu is depicted in a resting position on King Seshnaga. Seshnaga is believed to be the king of the snakes. King Seshnaga has numerous heads, all of which cover Lord Vishnu's head. In addition to the image of Lord Ananta, you will also find images of other Gods and Goddesses like Kamini, Narayan, Grampurush and Shantadurga.

The Sri Ananta Temple holds many festivals and fairs. All the ardent devotees throng the temple and celebrate the Shibikotsav. This festival is of utmost importance. Here the Lord is placed in a Palkhi and the pilgrims carry this Palkhi. A procession of sorts can be seen. After covering a modest distance, the Palkhi is brought back to the temple.

The Sri Ananta Temple is at a distance of about 45 km from Panaji. You can reach the temple by using the local means of transport or private transport like cars. The temple is surely not worth missing and a trip here will definitely make your journey more memorable.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01