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Sri Chandreshwar Temple

Goa is a magnificent and enchanting state filled with scores of superb attractions. The beautiful beaches, churches and temples of Goa draw tourists towards them. The revered temples in the state are frequented by all the devotees coming from all walks of life. The Sri Chandreshwar Temple is among the most sought after temples of Goa, and is devoted to Lord Chandreshwar. It is located at Paroda and is renowned for its beauty and charm.

Lord Chandranath means Lord of the Moon. Lord Chandranath is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva. This deity was considered to be the presiding deity of the Bhojas. In the ancient times, the area of Goa was under the Bhojas. Common faith follows that the temple is about 1500 years old. The temple offers great views of the entire city which leave you mesmerized.

The Sri Chandreshwar Temple has stairs which lead you to the temple. The steps are made out of granite but another part of the road is made out of metal. The temple houses the image of Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiva linga. This shiva linga is carved out of rock and is a unique sight. The full moon is of great importance here and the shiva linga attains an all together different beauty as if the full moon casts a spell on it. The linga appears to be immersed in water. You will also find a chariot made out of wood. It is covered in wonderful designs and patterns.

The Sri Chandreshwar Temple also observes many festivals in honour of Lord Chandreshwar. The festival of Maha Shiva Ratri is very significant and is observed on a large scale with great enthusiasm and revelry. A host of devotees and pilgrims visit the temple during this time to bask in the festive spirit. There are buses available which take you up to the temple. The temple is easily accessible from all the parts of the city. You can reach the Sri Chandreshwar Temple by using the local means of transport or private transport like cars. The temple is surely not worth missing as it is a unique temple indeed. Do make it a point to visit the temple while enjoying a stay in Goa.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01