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Sri Mahalaxmi Temple

The charming and beautiful land of Goa is a very popular haunt of the tourists. It is filled with treasures like superb beaches, holy temples and revered churches. The temples of Goa are frequented by scores of tourists. The Sri Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the most sacred temples of Goa. It is visited by devotees coming from all walks of life and all kinds of religions who come here to seek blessings of the revered Goddess and offer their prayers.

The striking Sri Mahalaxmi Temple is a very ancient temple which came into existence about 182 years ago. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is believed that the Havig Brahmins revered this Goddess. Her idol used to accompany them everywhere. The Brahmins used to roam around different places and ask for alms. During their journey, they entered the city of Goa along with the idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Due to the presence of the Portuguese in the city, the Brahmins hid the idol. Later Narayan Kamat Mhamai after asking for permission from the Portuguese government built a temple in honour of the Goddess.

This edifice has been renovated several times. Earlier it was a small temple but today it boasts of magnificent structural design. In the olden times, there was no Subhamandap. The splendid Subhamandap built in recent times only adds to the beauty of the temple. It has around 18 beautiful images. Here you will find pictures of Lord Vishnu which are made out of wood. The wonderful architecture of the temple is very appealing and is a delight to the eyes. It is one of the most well known and impressive pieces of architecture.

Goddess Mahalxmi is considered to be the Goddess of wealth by all the Hindus. The image of the Goddess in the Sri Mahalaxmi temple is sculpted out of black stone and has four hands in all. The idol is covered in silver and depicts the Satvik form of the Goddess. The idol is also crowned with the characteristic linga. Apart from Goddess Mahalaxmi you will also find idols of other Gods like Lord Vishnu. The chowk in front of the temple is also very popular. The pretty décor is eye catching.

The Sri Mahalaxmi Temple is also famous for the fairs and festivals that take place here. The Maruti Jatra fest, Navratri and the Chaitra Purnima fest pull scores of devotees towards them. These festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit. The temple is situated close to Panaji city, the capital of Goa. You can reach the temple by using private transport or the local means of transport in the city. The temple is definitely worth visiting and will surely make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01