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Mangueshi Temple

The beautiful state of Goa is scattered with myriad places of interest which include pretty beaches, excellent churches and the revered temples. The state is a unique blend of the Hindu and the Christian culture which reflects itself in the churches and the temples. The Mangueshi Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, draws numerous tourists towards it. The temple is a superb piece of architecture with a number of other attractions.

The Mangueshi Temple is an age old and most sought after temple of Goa. It is believed that there was an argument between Lord Shiva and his better half Parvati. Owing to this small tiff between the two, Lord Shiva vanished from Kailasa and Parvati came to the city in search of him. Parvati appealed to Lord Shiva for her protection which is known as Mam Grisha. This later transformed into Mangueshi. Thus the temple was christened as Mangueshi. The temple was situated in Kushasthali in the olden days.

The temple boasts of superb designing and interiors. You will find the Deepmal, Noubatkhana and the Agrashalas which are the pride of the temple. Deepmal is a structure for housing lamps. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see all the lamps glowing on the Deepmal. This Deepmal is at the entrance itself. The temple has marble flooring and the walls are ornamented with pretty tiles. You will find the Shiva lingam in the chamber of the temple. A linga and a Sheesha can also be seen here. Apart from the idol of Lord Shiva, many idols of other Hindu Gods like Nandikeshwar, Gajana and Bhagavati are found in the temple. The doors of the temple are made out of silver and impressive Dvarpalas or guardians are seen here.

The Mangueshi Temple has been constructed and renovated many times. You will also find a Sabha Griha which has the capacity to accommodate around 500 persons. The exquisite pillars of the temple are regarded as the best ones in the city. The Nandi Bull can also be seen here. A variety of festivals are celebrated here with much pomp and splendour. Shivaratri assumes great importance and the temple holds a huge fest at this time. Many hundreds and thousands of devotees throng the temple to seek the blessings of the Lord.

The Mangueshi Temple is easily accessible once you reach Goa. The temple is at a distance of about 23 km from Panaji. You can reach the temple by using private transport or the local means of transport in the city. This holy temple is surely not worth missing. Make sure you visit the temple and soak in the fragrant and spiritual atmosphere of this special place.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01